LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

March 12, 2004



Present: T. Malmgren (Chair), B. Heyer-Gray, D. Goldstein, D. Morrison, C. Craig, R. Gustafson, P. French, N. Kushigian, D. King (Recorder)


1. Call to order: 9:05 AM

2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from February meeting were approved with four corrections.

3. Old Business:
     (a) LAUC-D Brochure (King, Gustafson): The editing of the brochure has been completed, with design in a tri-fold format by C. Craig. D. King will post a web page for online viewing on the LAUC-D home page with link to PDF for easy printing. The goal is to have some copies printed and ready to hand out at the next General Membership meeting.

     (b) General Membership Meeting: The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 23. G. Bynon requested no advance questions from the membership regarding the review process discussion that will take place at the meeting.
Action: T. Malmgren will draft an e-mail to send to the membership before the meeting. The message will clarify the agenda and remind members about the time of the meeting. If members cannot attend, they can send questions about the review process in advance.

     (c) New librarians lunch: Because of time constraints, this proposed activity has been postponed for the year. However, T. Malmgren encouraged the Board to consider it as a future activity.

4. Committee Reports:
     (a) Review Board (N. Kushigian): The Board has completed 23 reviews and four appointments, with one more review under consideration.

     (b) Research Committee (Goldstein): D. Goldstein attended the Statewide Research Committee meeting, where the members considered six proposals from four campuses. The committee has submitted feedback with questions on proposals for the applicants. The deadline has passed for Statewide applications; none were from Davis this year.

     (c) Professional Issues (French): The Committee has not met again, as they are waiting for discussion from the General Membership at the upcoming meeting.

     (d) Program Committee (Gustafson): There will be a tour of the Herbarium on Tues., March 16; thirteen people are currently signed up. Ted Bergstrom has been booked to talk about journal pricing on Wed., April 14; the talk will likely be held in the Library Instruction Lab. In May, the Committee is still planning a presentation on open access models of publication, but there is still need for a speaker in the humanities/social sciences fields. N. Kushigian suggested branching out beyond journals publication to other kinds of digital projects; for example, eScholarship communication with faculty, or the Online Archive of California.

     (e) Professional Activities Committee (Craig): Nothing new to report. The deadline will soon be approaching for this year’s funds. C. Craig will send a reminder note to the membership with the specific date.

    (f) Nominations and Elections (Morrison): The committee has met to review the current roster and identify upcoming open positions. They hope to have a draft slate soon, with a two-week period for the membership to volunteer names for various committees and positions. There is some confusion regarding the current correct year assignments for members in the Professional Issues Committee and PAC; D. Morrison will inquire about appointments from members in the committees, and T. Malmgren will check Bylaws for specific direction.

5. Statewide Executive Board Conference Call Notes (Malmgren): Spring Assembly takes place on Thursday, May 13, which is a change from past scheduling. The Statewide Executive Board meeting will be on Friday, May 14. There will be a program in the afternoon on Thursday regarding the Statewide budget planning process. UCD AUL G. Bynon will be one of the three speakers for the webcast. The UC-Santa Cruz search for University Librarian has been put on hold for the time being.  The Position Paper Task Force has been given a revised charge, which has been posted on the Statewide website. The Professional Governance Committee was charged with completing a survey regarding review procedures and the final decision-making process. They have now drafted a report, which may be sent to members before Spring Assembly.

6. Meeting adjourned: 10:40 AM