LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting 02/15/06

2:00 - 4:00 First Floor Conference Room




            1.         Call to Order

            2.         Announcements

            3.         Minutes of the previous meeting

            4.         Fall Assembly Report

5.         Update on UL Proposal to Enhance Delegation of Authority for Appointments & Performance Reviews

6.         Professional Activities Committee Fund Allocations

7.         Research Committee

8.         Bibliographic Services Task Force Report

9.         Committee Reports

10.       General Membership Meeting Agenda

11.       Adjournment



In attendance: Karleen Darr, Peg Durkin, Bob Heyer-Gray, Xiaoli Li, Daryl Morrison, Erin Murphy, Gail Nichols, Bernadette Swanson, Sandy Vella


1.      Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Karleen Darr at 2:07 p.m.


2.      Announcements

Karleen reported that she sent out to the general membership the survey on instructional roles developed by the Instructional Roles Task Force.

Karleen asked the Board for feedback concerning the rep to SLASIAC becoming an AUL at UCR.  It was decided that because they are still members of LAUC and AULs have run for statewide offices and chaired committees in the past, there is no concern.


3.      Minutes of previous meeting

Approved as distributed.


4.      Fall Assembly Report (Darr, Murphy, Vella)

Virginia Steel, University Librarian, welcomed the group.  In the first part of the afternoon, the group broke up into 5 smaller groups to brainstorm ideas about how new technologies can be used.  The most popular ideas included orientation for new members, content management system for LAUC materials, evaluation of archives both at campus level and systemwide, optimizing face to face meetings, and starting up D-space.  The

second part of the afternoon was about the proposed changes to the bylaws.  The group voted “no” on any changes in language although they thought it was generally a good idea to separate the procedural part of the bylaws into Standing Rules. Jenny will draft a revised charge to the Committee on Committees, Rules & Jurisdiction.  Karleen reported that in the LAUC Executive Board meeting the next day the UL group didn’t want us to spend a lot of time on bylaws’ changes and reminded LAUC to be careful not to do anything that touches on the APM.


The ULS said that digital stewardship is a high priority for the libraries as far as academic planning and the direction of research. The ULs also said that CDL is receptive to an e-journal developed by LAUC but that we need an editorial body to vet the content.  ULS also discussed the cost of travel associated with meetings and suggested a look at the LTAG report for alternative technologies (web conferencing and video conferencing are already in place on some campuses).  Jenny will draft a charge for perhaps 2 ad hoc committees: one to study what constitutes historical documentation and what to do with it (survey campuses) and another on developing LAUC member orientation.  The Spring assembly is at UCLA and will include a program on digital stewardship. There will be a  speaker from the national level and another from the UC level followed by a panel of librarians to respond.


5.      Update on UL Proposal to enhance delegation of authority for appointments and performance reviews

Karleen hasn’t heard anything further.  Peg Durkin, speaking as head of the AF personnel committee, hasn’t heard anything from VP Horwitz either but did report that the AF Executive Board had discussed finding out the source of any delay in review of packets.  Karleen shared the letter from Catherine VandeVoort, Chair of the AF, to Horwitz recommending an examination of the current system to determine where the delays exist and possible solutions instead of removing the requirement for campus-wide review. 


6.      Professional Activities Committee Fund Allocation (Morrison)

Daryl submitted the Committee’s report in response to the charge to conduct a review of the allocation of discretionary funds for travel and/or registration for LAUC-D professional development activities and then develop recommendations of methods that would provide more effective service.  The report outlines various options for dealing with any funds that remain at the end of the fiscal year but recognizes the need for more information.

The Committee will prepare something for the LAUC-D Spring general membership meeting that concentrates on what is really viable.


7.      Research Committee (Darr)

Karleen gave report for Barbara Hegenbart who couldn’t be at this meeting.  The AUL has pulled all unencumbered money from the Research Committee account so the point of any money being shared with PAC is moot.  The charge will be kept on the back burner.


8.      Bibliographic Services Task Force Report (Darr)

LAUC has been asked to comment to SOPAG on this report.  Various Executive Board members reported that staff throughout the General Library is meeting to discuss the report.  Karleen will send the report out again to the LAUC-D membership so that the March 2 general membership meeting will be able to focus on it.  Karleen asked the Executive Board to come up with some ideas to generate/prompt discussion at the March 2 meeting.


9.                  Committee Reports

CAPA: finished all 14 reviews

Program: The event in January was well-attended.  In February there was a brown bag meeting for ALA-midwinter follow up which is recommended to continue.  The March program is about chocolate. In April, a librarian from the University of Nevada at Reno will visit to talk about what issues they face in their library. There will probably be one more event in May.  The Program Committee is working with the Library’s Diversity Committee to develop a program.

Nominations & Elections:  Will begin meeting next week. The list of past participation will be updated. They will plan to be ready to take nominations from the floor probably at the May general membership meeting.

Professional Issues:  Committee members surveyed the other campuses and found that no campus offers a scholarship for anyone to attend library school.  The staff at UCLA does but their group operates as a private organization not affiliated with UCLA at all.  Some campuses said there were professional development funds allocated to staff which were used for school expenses.  Erin will follow up with the Davis AFT to see what how their scholarship proposal is going.


10.  General Membership Meeting Agenda

Karleen will develop this over the next couple of weeks.


11.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:33 p.m.