LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes

January 9, 2004

Approved with corrections


Present: T. Malmgren (Chair), B. Heyer-Gray, C. Craig, D. Goldstein, P. French, R. Gustafson, D. King (Recorder)


1. Call to Order: 9:00 AM

2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from last Executive Board Meeting (11-14-03) were approved without correction.

3. Committee Reports:
†††† (a) Professional Issues Committee: P. French reported that the committee has not been approached to address a specific issue. T. Malmgren suggested working with the Program Committee on faculty/librarian dialogue about the scholarly publishing crisis (i.e. what are the practices of librarians who publish? What is the crisis and how does this vary by discipline in the context of promotion and open access publishing?). The Program Committee is planning a presentation on these issues. ACTION: P. French will send a message to the Professional Issues Committee on this topic, and will also put out a call for other potential topics.

D. Goldstein suggested a Professional Issues topic related to the Research Committee: how do librarians find time to plan and complete research? Setting aside time to work on research is increasingly difficult because of staffing and workload issues.

†††† (b) Research Committee: D. Goldstein reported that no proposals from UCD were submitted for statewide research funding. He will attend the statewide meeting in February to review other proposals from local LAUCs. The committee has also learned that a librarian was denied funding for an Academic Federation travel grant this year, possibly based on a misunderstanding that librarians are not required to do research and therefore do not have high priority for such grants. ACTION: D. Goldstein will draft a letter to the chair of the AF Research Committee that clarifies the current status of librarians under the new MOU, and the letter will be sent jointly with T. Malmgren. Librarians do not have automatic P.I. status, but receive it when applying for a grant.

†††† (c) Program Committee: R. Gustafson reported on a meeting with N. Kushigian in December regarding eScholarship and upcoming seminars/discussions. The first eScholarship presentation will be on January 22 with James Quinn, followed by a later LAUC-D presentation specifically on journal pricing.

R. Gustafson also reported that the committee seems to have little documentation on past practices regarding payment for off-campus speakers who arenít librarians. How much of the LAUC budget is allocated to this? T. Malmgren stated that LAUC-D has no specific set budget; instead, money is made available by Administration for each given year, so it is difficult to say how much money would be available for travel or an honorarium. ACTION: T. Malmgren will query G. Bynon about the specifics and share information with the Board.

†††† (d). Professional Activities Committee: C. Craig reported that there have been many submissions for conferences, especially since ALA Midwinter is in San Diego this year.

4. LAUC-D Brochure:
The Board discussed a rough draft for the LAUC-D brochure presented by D. King and R. Gustafson. Feedback is invited on the ordering of points and language. C. Craig will provide additional language for the brochure on Professional Activities. When finished, the content will ideally be available both online and in paper format for new librarians. ACTION: D. King and R. Gustafson will send via e-mail a revised draft for further consideration by the Board.

D. King also suggested adding a link on the LAUC-D homepage to a document on the Distinguished Librarian award, based on language saved from the first award in 1998. This will include a link to committee members from past years.

5. Other Items:
The welcome for new librarians will be a morning coffee in the library, and will be postponed at least until February because we have three new members.

6. Meeting adjourned: 10:05 AM