LAUC-D Executive Board

December 21, 2001



Present: Gail Nichols (chair), Buzz Haughton (secretary), Bob Heyer-Gray, Erin Murphy, Susan Llano, Ken Firestein, Rebecca Davis, Karen Andrews, Marcia Meister


Approval of Minutes (Buzz Haughton): Review and approval of the October Executive Board minutes (there was no Executive Board meeting in November) will take place together with the December minutes at the January 2002 meeting.


Announcements (Gail Nichols): The next systemwide Executive Board meeting will take place in February. The report of the Professional Governance Committee is now on the web (; it contains past President Cathy Palmer’s charge to the committee to consider criteria for the Distinguished Librarian step. Chair Nichols will refer our divisional Professional Issues Committee and Peer Review Documents Committee to it. The next LAUC-D Executive Board meeting is scheduled for January 11 at 9 a.m. The LAUC Spring Assembly will take place at UCLA May 2, 2002. LAUC-D should have some comments for the Professional Governance Committee by then.


Committee Reports:


Nominations and Elections (Susan Llano): No meeting yet.


Professional Activities (Bob Heyer-Gray): PAC has looked at how different campuses divide up professional activity funds; there is much divergence.


Professional Issues: No report.


Program (Erin Murphy): The Distinguished Librarian celebration is scheduled for the Nelle Branch Room on February 5 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. A luncheon-cum-chat will take place January 28 beginning at 11:30 at the Orange Hut Restaurant. Discussion will be about what librarians learned at fall and winter library association meetings. There will be a meeting March 12 from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on the topics of electronic reference and consumer health websites. A Board member suggested paying for the January 28 luncheon out of LAUC-D funds. Chair Nichols will investigate. Chair Nichols reported that the $2,500 annual allocation to LAUC-D was raised to $3,500 for this fiscal year to pay for the Distinguished Librarian observation. There was some discussion about asking the Library Administration to make this added amount permanent. Erin asked the Executive Board if LAUC-D should ask the Library Administration to become the organizer for the Library Open House at Picnic Day. Should the Program Committee become more closely involved in the Open House? Chair Nichols responded that in 2001 the Open House was organized by its own ad hoc committee. A member gave her opinion that the Open House ought to be a library rather than a LAUC-D activity. Chair Nichols said that she would approach George Bynon with the consensus opinion of the Executive Board that the Open House be a library event not under the aegis of LAUC-D. A Board member suggested that any ad hoc committee charged with organizing the Open House have one member of the LAUC-D Program Committee on it. Erin would like to invite Kenneth Crews to a Program Committee event sometime in May on the subject of copyright issues. There was discussion regarding a potential cosponsor. The upshot was that Victoria Cross of FIAT (Faculty Instructional Technology), at the Teaching Resource Center, will be contacted about the Center’s being a cosponsor. Chair Nichols will ask George Bynon if the Library Administration might be willing to share the cost of bringing Mr. Crews.


Research (Rebecca Davis): The deadline for statewide proposals was December 7. There are two proposals. There will be a statewide Research Committee meeting at UCLA February 18. The committee is considering hosting a lunch at which some of the recipients of Research Committee grants, either from statewide or divisional funds, would be invited to discuss what they did with the funds they got.


Review Board (Marcia Meister): The Review Board has reviewed some appointments so far this year. Chair Nichols reported that progress of appointment packets through the AF Review Committee no longer seems to be a problem. If we anticipate appointments next summer we will want to communicate to the committee that it will need to be prepared to review packets through the summer months.


Mentoring Task Force (Karen Andrews): Karen, Jo Anne Boorkman and Myra Appel comprise the task force. They have met with one of the recently hired librarians so far. Some other campuses have “social” listservs for librarians; there is nothing similar here. The Task Force would like LAUC-D to raise the issue of a separate voluntary listserv with the Library Administration. Rebecca suggested there be a Career Day for potential librarians; Chair Nichols will explore this possibility with the Library Administration. Karen mentioned that she knows a librarian who has volunteered to serve as webmaster for any listserv set up.


The meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton, Secretary