LAUC-D Executive Board

March 15, 2002


Present: Gail Nichols (Chair), Buzz Haughton (Secretary), Susan Llano, Erin Murphy, Rebecca Davis, Karen Andrews


The February 15 Executive Board minutes were approved with one correction.


Announcements (Gail Nichols): Annie Lin has been appointed to the Nominations and Elections Committee.


Statewide Executive Board (Gail Nichols): The Executive Board met at UC Irvine February 22. LAUC did not comment on four SOPAG reports, but the Executive Board intends to comment on future ones. Gary Peete talked about his position as the LAUC representative to SLASIAC, which needs a new chair. SLASIAC has a subcommittee charged with examining the role of the RLFs, which may establish guidelines for preserving a complete, good-quality paper copy of each journal.


The Committee on Professional Governance was to meet the last week of February. It intends to have the results of the survey that it has not yet devised ready for the Spring Assembly. Some campus LAUC research committees have such small amounts to grant librarians that librarians from those campuses are making small requests for research monies of the statewide Research Committee.


A UC Systemwide Information Literacy Program Development Task Force will be formed; a three-member planning group has already been appointed to recommend names for the task force.


Research Committee (Rebecca Davis): A total of $84,000 in proposals has been submitted to the statewide Research Committee; about $30,000 is available. The committee is sifting through the proposals now. There has been discussion about the appropriateness of “funding one’s passion,” i.e. whether to fund interesting research projects having nothing to do with librarianship. The Executive Board agreed it would be suitable to schedule a general membership meeting on the issues of release time and replacement funding for public service obligations for librarians doing nonlibrary-related research.


Mentoring (Karen Andrews): Peg Durkin has indicated her willingness to serve on the task force; they will meet soon.


Nominations and Elections Committee (Susan Llano): The committee needs another member. Chair Nichols will approach one or more LAUCD members to get a volunteer to fill this vacancy.


Program Committee (Erin Murphy): There will be a program on March 20 9:30-11 a.m. in the Library Instruction Lab: Ken Firestein will talk about e-reference, and Lisa Jerant will give her view of the best consumer websites.


The Executive Board selected May 1 as a good date for the next general membership meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton