LAUC-D Executive Board

January 25, 2002


Present: Gail Nichols (chair), Buzz Haughton (secretary), Susan Llano, Erin Murphy, Patsy Inouye, Marcia Meister


Approval of Minutes (Buzz Haughton): Due to the lack of a quorum, no past minutes could be approved.


Program (Erin Murphy): There will be a LAUC-D-sponsored luncheon at the Orange Hut on January 28 11:30-1:30. Marilyn Sharrow will attend. Erin gave some details regarding the Distinguished Librarian observance on February 5. Buzz said that he could mount JPEGs of the event on the LAUC-D webpage. There was discussion regarding various locations of LAUC-D archival documents and papers going back several years. Erin brought up the discussion that took place at the December Executive Board meeting regarding who should be responsible for the Library Open House on Picnic Day. Chair Nichols replied that Sandy Vella has agreed to be in charge of the event. Erin contacted Kenneth Crews about the talk on copyright that was discussed in December; his fee is $2,000 plus expenses. A member remarked that it would be good to get Academic Federation participation as well as that of the Teaching Resources Center to pay Mr. Crews’ bill. Chair Nichols suggested contacting Information and Educational Technology, too. She further mentioned that there is a lot of support at UCD for putting copyrighted materials on the web using MyUCDavis. There was discussion about the best time to get Mr. Crews to come; the consensus was for autumn 2002, probably mid- to end-of-October. Chair Nichols said that there is a UCD law professor on the systemwide UC Committee on Copyright: Leslie Kurtz. Erin proposed that Mr. Crews’ visit consist of a morning or afternoon segment appealing to faculty to be held at MU II and another segment primarily of interest to LAUC members at Shields.


Peer Review Documents Review (Patsy Inouye): George Bynon originally asked that the committee tender its report to him by May 2002, but Patsy is doubtful that the committee will be able to meet that deadline. There are still unanswered questions regarding criteria for advancement to the Distinguished Librarian step. Do we need a C-9 document for all? There are now three librarians who are not covered either by the General Library’s C-9 or the Law Library’s equivalent. Chair Nichols will ask Rafaela Castro, a member of the statewide Professional Governance Committee, if that committee is active. She will distribute the Professional Governance Committee’s charge ( to the LAUC-D membership. Chair Nichols asked the Executive Board if it would be good to call a general membership meeting to allow the LAUC-D membership to discuss the Distinguished Librarian step as well as the findings and recommendations of the General Library Task Force on Librarian Recruitment and Retention ( The consensus was for such a meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Buzz Haughton, Secretary