Chair: Carolyn Kopper, HSL, Collection Development


Chair-Elect: Rafaela Castro, Humanities/Social Sciences

Members: Michael Colby, Humanities/Social Sciences

Reve Rocke, Catalog Department

Judith Welsh, HSL, Reference


The Review Board met fourteen times from December through March 1998/99. During these meetings, the Board discussed and prepared recommendations to the University Librarian, the Dean of the School of Law and the Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine for twenty academic personnel review packets. In addition, the Board reviewed one permanent and five temporary librarian appointments.

The Board met with the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services and the Academic Personnel Coordinator in December. The group discussed confidentiality and significant procedures in Library Policy Statement C-9.

  1. Total permanent positions: General, Law and Veterinary Libraries: 49
  1. Evaluation recommendations reviewed by APARB

Promotion: 1

Career Status: 1

One-step merit: 10

Non-action plateau: 7

Acceleration: 3

  1. Change of review initiator’s recommendation: 1
  1. Reviews returned by APARB for additional information: 2
  1. The Board noticed that several packets addressed activities under inappropriate headings in the Review Initiator’s Letter of Recommendation or in the Biography Form: Annual Supplement. Closer attention to the guidelines in LPS C-9 on the part of Review Initiators and librarians under review would help to clarify the contents of packets. The Board recommends that this issue be addressed in future fall orientation meetings for Review Initiators and librarians under review. The Board encourages both Review Initiators and librarians under review to attend the informative orientation meetings. In addition, the Board recommends that LAUC-D members be sent an e-mail message informing them about some of the important issues covered in the orientation meetings; this would provide information to individuals unable to attend the meetings.
  2. The Board recommends that procedures be discussed in more detail at the meeting with the AUL for Administrative Services and the Academic Personnel Coordinator at the beginning of the review cycle. This would help elucidate issues that may help the Review Board in its work. For example, the solicitation of more information by the Review Board could be addressed. The Academic Personnel Manual (APM-210-4.d.2) states with regard to the solicitation of more information, "If, in the committee’s judgment, the evidence is incomplete or inadequate to enable it to reach a clear recommendation, the committee shall solicit additional information through the Chancellor or designee and request amplification or new material." Another example is the issue of the inclusion of supportive documentation, such as publications, in the packets, especially in support of accelerations or promotions. In addition, packets need to be checked for completeness of contents.

C. The Board recommends that LAUC-D consider sponsoring an informational forum on

planning strategies for advancement through the librarians’ ranks.