LAUC-Davis Division 2001-2002 Officers & Committee Roster



Chair: Gail Nichols


Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Patsy Inouye


Past Chair: Ken Firestein


Secretary: Buzz Haughton


Nominations and Elections Committee                        Peer Review Documents Review Committee

Susan Llano (Chair) (2002)                                           Patsy Inouye (Chair)

Joanne Boorkman (2002)                                              Jo Anne Boorkman

Patsy Inouye (traditionally ex officio)                             Rafaela Castro

Annie Lin (2002)                                                          Buzz Haughton

John Skarstad (2002)                                                    Bob Heyer-Gray

                                                                                   Kenneth Firestein

                                                                                         George Bynon (ex-officio)

Professional Activities Committee                                    Sandy Vella (ex officio)

Bob Heyer-Gray (Chair) (2002)                                                                                                            

Karen Andrews (added 9/2001)

Sandy Vella (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2003) 

Katherine Chambers (2002)                         

John Sherlock (2003)                                              


Professional Issues Committee                                     Statewide Appointments

Myra Appel (Chair) (2002)                                       Committee on Research

Karen Andrews (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2003)              Rebecca Davis (2003)

Patsy Inouye (ex-officio) (2002)                               Committee on Diversity

Elaine Franco (2002)                                                      Jerry Thompson (2003)

Barbara Hegenbart (2003)                                        Ctte. on Committees, Rules, and Jurisdiction

                                                                                         Elaine Franco (2003)

Program Committee                                                    Committee on Professional Governance

Erin Murphy (Chair (2002)                                            Rafaela Castro (2002)

Ken Firestein (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2003)            Scholarly Communications Web Page Ed. Bd.

Lisa Jerant (2002)                                                         Nancy Kushigian (2001)

Ruth Gustafson (2002)                                             Ctte. On Library Plans and Policies

                                                                                         (Inactive for 2001/02)

Research Committee

Rebecca Davis (Chair) (2003)

Dan Goldstein (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2005)

Michael Winter (2002)

Juri Stratford (2003)


Review Board

Marcia Meister (Chair) (2002)

Karleen Darr (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2003)

Opry Popa (2002)

Peg Durkin (2003)

Bob Heyer-Gray  (2003)