LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes of Sept. 3, 1997 Transitional Executive Board meeting

Present: R. Davis, J.Martin, K.Kocher, B.Haughton, S.Casement, P.Wang, S.Lamprecht, M.Colby, P.French (recorder), P.Inouye, C.Kopper, J.Sherlock, D.Lundquist, J.Thompson

Call to Order

Approval of the Minutes

1. Passing of the Gavel J. Sherlock presented the president's gavel to R. Davis with his best wishes.

2. Committee Assignments for 1997/98

3. Report on LAUC Statewide Executive Board Meeting

4. Committee Reports

5. Issues for Consideration for 1997/98

6. Distinguished Librarian Award

7. Fall Assembly

8. Meeting Schedule for Executive Board

The meeting concluded with a motion expressing appreciation to J. Sherlock for the excellent job he has done as this year's Chair.

Minutes submitted by: Patricia French Minutes approved: 11/6/97