LAUC-D Research Committee Annual Report 1996/1997

Committee Members: Sandra Lamprecht, Chair Phyllis Wang, Vice-Chair Nancy Kushigian Judy Welsh

The LAUC-D Research Committee met and considered four local research proposals during the past year. The following research proposals were funded here at Davis:

Axel Borg "Survey of Ephemera Relating to the Printing History of California" -- $1,836.40

Rafaela Castro "Chicano Folklore Dictionary" -- $381.00

Nancy Kushigian "British Women Romantic Poets, 1789-1832" -- $1,155.00

Ted Sibia "Pioneer Asian Indian Immigration to the Pacific Coast" -- $1,137.00

In addition to committee work locally, the LAUC-D Research Committee considered proposals that were submitted statewide. (The LAUC-D Research Committee Chair represents Davis at the statewide deliberations.) The LAUC Statewide Research Committee Annual Report will provide the results of the statewide competition; however, it should be noted that one LAUC-D member was successful in obtaining statewide funds for her project.

The successful statewide candidate was:

Jane Kimball for her "Carnegie Libraries in Wales: A Social History" proposal.

Congratulations are to be extended to all who received funding at the local or statewide level! All in the LAUC-D membership are encouraged to consider submitting a proposal for the 1997/98 academic year. And many thanks to the LAUC-D Research Committee members for your promptness and dedication during this busy research year. You made my task as Chair easy and enjoyable.


Sandra Lamprecht Humanities/Social Sciences Librarian University of California, Davis

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