LAUC-D Research Committee

Annual Report


Committee Members:

Phyllis Wang, Chair

Nancy Kushigian, Vice-chair

Susan Llano

Jim Martin


The LAUC-D Research Committee reviewed three local research grant

proposals during the year 1998/99. Funding was approved for the following

recipients and their proposals:

Opritsa Popa "Unlawful Souvenirs: On Manuscript Removed from Occupied

Germany (1945)"-- $2552.00

Ted Sibia "GADAR Movement -- $1362.50

Michael Winter "Edwin M. Lemert Research and Publication Project" --


Judith Welsh "The Marketing of Consultation Services to Library

Clientele" --$200.00

A progress report will be requested from each of these four local grant

recipients to be submitted by mid September.

In addition, the Committee also reviewed eight statewide research

proposals and made recommendations to the Office of the President for

partial funding on six of them.

This has been a very active year for the Research Committee whose members

have worked very hard to assist local grant applicants and to submit

timely input to the statewide committee.