Librarians Association ofthe University of California, Davis



1. Membership

Chair: Buzz Haughton, Catalog/Bio-Ag,Shields Library

Members: Patsy Inouye, GovernmentDocuments (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) Mary Eldredge, Acquisitions Kathy Lin,Law Library Carol LaRussa, Physical Sciences Library

2. Activities

The Review Board met eight timesfrom January through May 1997 to read, review, discuss and make recommendationsfor eleven packets. The Review Board, and on occasion the Chair actingin the lack of a quorum, also reviewed four temporary, part-time appointments.

The Board met with the AssociateUniversity Librarian for Administrative Services and the Academic PersonnelCoordinator on January 10, 1997. The AUL apprised the Board of the needfor confidentiality and the importance of the Board^Òs charge; theAPC outlined the agenda and gave a recommended finishing date for the Board^Òsbusiness. The Board was able to meet all suggested deadlines, and all reviewpackets were returned with recommendations to the Academic Personnel Coordinatorbefore their due dates at the Office of the Provost.

The Academic Personnel Coordinatorpointed out to the Chair that the review procedure as followed in the caseof one-step non-promotional merit increases differed slightly from thatspecified in the C-9 document. At a LAUC-D general membership meeting inApril the membership approved an amendment to C-9 to resolve the irregularity.

3. Statistical Summary

A. Total permanent positions: Generaland Law Libraries 51

B. Evaluation recommendations reviewedby APARB (excluding temporary part-time appointments)

Promotions 2 Career status 1 One-stepmerit 8 Non-action plateau 1

Acceleration 1

C. Change of review initiator^Òsrecommendation 1

D. Reviews returned by APARB toreview initiator for additional information 1

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