Program Committee Report, 1997-98

Committee membership:
Susan Casement, Chair
Gail Nichols, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Linda Kennedy
Ted Sibia

The programs presented this year included:

And two co-sponsored programs

Reference forum, with the Information Services group April 16, 1998

I am pleased with the variety of programs offered this year. Highlights for me were the discussion at the Beverlee French coffee and the Cultural Riddles program (an excellent panel presentation organized by Ted Sibia, with a gratifying turn-out). Committee members did an excellent job, all contributing program ideas and pitching in with the work.

All of the regular programs started at 10; the committee thought that hour best for attendance. Excluding the distinguished librarian reception, the year was fairly modest in cost, with content freely presented and only a few programs formally catered. The only problem I perceive in the committee's trajectory is the late start-up in the school year. This committee would benefit from committee assignments being made in early summer so that plans might hatch in the fall as well as in the spring. Currently, members are appointed in late summer/early fall. Initial focus -- in addition to the fall work responsibilities -- is on the fall reception, which requires a good bit of planning. When the reception and the fall rush are past, the committee starts work on the rest of the year's activities. More balanced scheduling could be accomplished with a summer beginning.

Addenda to LAUC-D Program Committee Report, re:

How many (and when) meetings were held.

Gail Nichols (vice-chair, chair-elect) and I met August 19 (before we took office) to lay some of the ground work for the year.

The full committee met 3 times:

Oct 9, to start work on the year and plan the Oct 22 reception. Each person had one event he/she wanted to work on.
Jan 7, to firm up programs and lay out a schedule.
June 1, to plan the distinguished librarian reception June 18.
I would guess that the first meeting lasted over an hour; the second and third, less than an hour.

We consulted by e-mail and phone between meetings. Committee members each worked several hours outside of meetings, plus attended the programs and receptions, doing what was needed on those occasions, such as providing refreshments, cleaning up, or bringing in extra seating.