Professional Issues Committee
Annual Report, 1997/1998

1997/98 Membership
Robert Alan,
Patricia French
Buzz Haughton
Michael Winter, Vice Chair
Karl Kocher, Chair

In its history, LAUC has discussed many times the granting of stipends to librarians with administrative or supervisory responsibilities. The last occasion resulted from a proposed revision to the University Policy and Procedure Manual. An initial draft was reviewed extensively by LAUC-D General Meetings prior to voting on LAUC Assembly resolutions on the policy change. While LAUC-D voted in favor of approving the change in policy, local discussions pointed out problems with using the number of staff supervised, however counted, as a means of determining the level of the stipend. Without agreement in collective bargaining, the stipends could only be awarded to non-represented librarians and the local membership felt inequities might arise from the fact that supervisory positions might or might not be eligible depending on the classification of those supervised.

Following the Fall 1997 LAUC Assembly, the Professional Issues Committee obtained updates from campuses where implementation plans had already been proposed or accepted. Information was solicited from other campuses that were like UCD in not having distributed implementation guidelines. The Committee met for an hour on December 15 to review previous LAUC-D discussions and the information from other campuses in the expectation that local implementation plans would be forthcoming. UCD University Library guidelines were released before the Winter Break and a General Meeting was scheduled for early January to allow time for LAUC-D to comment. Comment at the General Meeting focused on the manner in which the University Library guidelines addressed the problems identified by LAUC-D members in the original Office of the President policy and LAUC-D voted its approval. The Professional Issues Committee subsequently gathered information from other UC campuses on their perceptions of potential implications of the policy change on the review process.

The Statewide LAUC Committee on Professional Governance carried out a survey this year related to the top step (V) of the librarian series and its report formed the basis for resolutions debated at the Spring Assembly. Discussion at the preparatory LAUC-D General Meeting focused on the necessity for a broad perspective and comprehensive review of the whole series as opposed to a narrow focus on particular measures. Doing so in a way that accords with the roles dictated by the collective bargaining process will be an agenda item for next year's Committee.

Submitted by Karl Kocher, Chair