TO: John Sherlock, Chair, LAUC-D

FROM: Carolyn Kopper, Chair, LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee, 1996/1997

DATE: August 15, 1997

RE: Annual Report of the LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee, 1996/1997

The members of the LAUC-D Professional Issues Committee for 1996/1997 were:

Carolyn Kopper, Chair Karl Kocher, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Rebecca Davis, Ex-Officio Member Gail Nichols, Member (second year) Bob Alan, Member (two-year term)

The committee was charged with presenting a specific proposal for the implementation of the Distinguished Librarian Award based on the document that last year's LAUC-D PIC provided. The LAUC-D membership had approved the general concept of the award, but had asked PIC to furnish a specific proposal on how the award would be administered. The committee met and communicated via email regarding a draft proposal addressing specifics. This was reviewed by the LAUC-D Executive Board, and a final draft of the proposal was presented at the May 1st meeting of the LAUC-D membership. Suggestions made at this meeting were taken into consideration in modifying this draft. The committee presented a final proposal to the LAUC-D Chair on May 14, thus fulfilling its charge for the year. It was noted that some of the members of the committee were concerned about the funding of the award for non-General Library award recipients.

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