Professional Activities Committee (PAC)
1997/98 Annual Report

PAC Members:
Katherine Chambers
Kathy Lin (vice-chair)
Mary Helen Moreno
Jerrel Thompson (chair)

Total PAC funding allocated for 1997/1998 was $14,787.50. The breakdown was as follows:

Represented: $10,754.55
Unrepresented: 4,032.95

The initial allocation for each librarian for the year was $325. Since all librarians did not fully expend their individual allocation, a total of $5,252.10 was available for redistribution.

Represented: $4,436.38
Unrepresented: 815.72

From a total of forty-four eligible librarians, PAC approved requests for financial assistance to support professional development for thirty-seven librarians, twenty-five represented and twelve unrepresented. At the end of the fiscal year, the unexpended funds were distributed to cover unreimbursed expenses, using the formula which has been in effect for several years; this formula takes into account the level of participation in professional activities.

Last year PAC examined the way in which professional activities funding is allocated by surveying other UC campuses to see if they utilized other methods which we might wish to adopt here. PAC concluded that our current procedure works well: it provides a base funding so that every librarian has an opportunity to get involved in some professional activities, and the allocation of unexpended year-end funds takes into account level of participation, so librarians who are more heavily involved can be rewarded for their activity level.

This year, during our last meeting, PAC members expressed concerns about the reasons for the committees existence, feeling that we are merely a rubber stamp organization whose function could be filled by administra- tive staff. PAC members will be examining this issue during the upcoming academic year. We feel this is a concern that LAUC-D may also want to address.

Respectfully submitted,
Jerry Thompson