Nominations & Elections Committee
1997/98 Annual Report

Committee Members:
Jim Martin, Chair
Bob Alan
Buzz Haughton
Susan Llano
Mary Helen Moreno

In October of 1997 the chair updated the LAUC-D Service Roster to include terms of service from the previous academic year. The committee met on April 9, 1998 to plan for the upcoming elections and on May 1 sent out a Call for Nominations to the LAUC-D listserv. We met for a second time on May 18 to assemble the slate of officers for 1998/99. Our proposed slate was presented to LAUC-D at the May 21 business meeting and was approved unanimously. The committee, with the assistance of Susan Casement, also proposed several changes to the LAUC-D bylaws to allow for the distribution of state and local ballots on the same day. This proposal was also approved at the business meeting.

Ballots for LAUC Statewide and LAUC-D officers, and a ballot to approve the proposed changes to the LAUC-D bylaws, were distributed on May 27, two weeks prior to election day. Votes were tallied on June 15 and the results of the local election posted to the LAUC-D listserv on June 19.