From: Mike Winter Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee 1996-1997

Annual Report

The Committee members were, in addition to the chair, Buzz Haughton, Ted Sibia, and Rebecca Davis.

In October of 1996 the Chair updated the LAUC-D Service Roster and forwarded it to the LAUC-D Secretary. The incoming chair, Jim Martin, will do this for the current fiscal year. The data are saved in spread sheet forms on a floppy disk kept with the Nominations and Elections Committee's election supply collection, which the outgoing chair will pass on to the incoming.

The Nominations and Elections Committee met a number of times in late May and June of 1997 to assemble the slate of candidates for LAUC-D and LAUC Statewide Offices for the 1997-1998 Fiscal Year. The ballots were drawn up and reported orally to the LAUC-D general membership on June 12, ballots were mailed out on June 13, and balloting ended on June 20. The Nominations and Elections Committee met several times during the week of June 23 to count the ballots, and reported the elections results to the LAUC-D Executive Board and to the LAUC-D general membershsip on June 27.

The Nominations and Elections Committee for 1997-1998 consists of: Jim Martin (Physical Sciences Lib),Chair; Bob Alan (Serials); and Susan Llano (Law Lib).

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