LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting,
June 4, 1998

Present: R. Davis, B. Haughton, P. Inouye, K. Kocher, P. Wang, S. Casement, M. Meister

1. Minutes from the May meeting were approved with corrections.

2. Announcements:

An event scheduled for June 18 will honor the Distinguished Librarian.
3. Distinguished Librarian Award Update:
Opritsa Popa has been selected to be the first Distinguished Librarian and will be honored at a reception on June 18 in the library courtyard. Invitations will be sent to all library staff and to faculty in the disciplines for which she has bibliographic responsibilities and faculty liaison. Additional suggestions for publicizing the award presentation were made, including sending invitations/announcements to campus administrators, the Senate Library Committee and announcements to Dateline, the Aggies, and the Davis Enterprise. A brochure highlighting her accomplishments will be development and available at the reception. A motion was made that "a book be presented to the library in honor of the Distinguished Librarian for 1998". The motion carried. Discussion continued on the funding source for a book. It was agreed that the Chair will contact the Library Administration about funding a book.

There was discussion on the question of the confidential nature of the nomination packets for the Distinguished Librarian award. A motion was made that original nominations be returned to the nominator and that motion carried. It was noted that this is the first time this award has been presented and procedures may need to be worked out.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister, Secretary