LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting
May 7, 1998

Corrected minutes.

Present: B. Haughton, P. Wang, K. Kocher, P. Inouye, J. Martin, J. Sherlock, M. Meister, R. Davis

1. Approval of minutes from April Executive Board Meeting. There was one correction, a change in wording in the Research Committee report, to "...two proposals were recommended".

2. Cultural Diversity Committee appointment: Ken Firestein volunteered to take Linda Yamamoto's place on this committee. The appointment was approved. His term of office will end in August, 1999.

3. Nominations and Elections: Jim Martin presented the election slate.

Jim noted that there was some confusion regarding the terms of office for members of the Professional Issues Committee and the terms were presently off sequence. To get back in synch with staggered terms one elected member should be elected for a two year term and one appointed member should be appointed for a one year term.

The election date is June 12. According to the bylaws, ballots are due back no later than 7 working days after the date of the business meeting. However, this is not compatible with the timing of the LAUC statewide elections. A change in our bylaws is necessary to get the dates coordinated with the state election dates which was the intent of previous bylaws changes. Susan Casement proposed a bylaws change to go out at the same time as the ballots. Her motion was to mail ballots of the two elections at the same time, as this is in the spirit of a recent LAUC-D bylaws revision. The motion passed and the proposed bylaws change will also be in the ballot with the election slate.

Jim Martin, Susan Casement and Sharon Baker will work on the wording of the bylaws change for presentation at the business meeting to be held on May 21, 1998.

4. Distinguished Librarian Award update: John Sherlock reported that multiple nominations were received, an award will almost certainly be given, and a ceremony should be planned. An announcement will be made on an award winner by May 22. A ceremony of some kind to include a presentation of the award and a reception with refreshments will be planned. Rebecca Davis, Susan Casement and John Sherlock will meet to work out the details of an event.

5. Report on the LAUC Assembly in San Diego, May 1, 1998: Rebecca Davis reported the Committee Reports from committees with LAUC representatives were filed at the Assembly.

Resolutions were presented from three campuses: UCR, UCD and UCLA. Rebecca reported that, in general, Assembly delegates favorably viewed the resolution presented by UCD regarding preparing a report that addresses revisions in the entire salary structure and often referred to it as the Davis "holistic" approach. There was, however, a lot of caucusing prior to and during the meeting as it became clear that the resolution would not pass with the more controversial reference to language referring to "distinguished" criteria. To go forward on adding the steps was important in itself so the language of the UCD resolution was changed to reflect the comments of delegates from other campuses.

The order in which the resolutions were presented was the order in which they were considered and this order helped to determine the final language of the resolutions.

The resolutions as presented were:

6. Other business:

P. Inouye brought up the topic of criteria which we use in the review process and questioned if it would be useful to examine the criteria and how they are being applied, for example, are the criteria being applied uniformly. She will share her end of the year observations as Chair of the Review Board.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister, LAUC-D Secretary