LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes November 6, 1997

Present: R. Davis, P. Wang, S.. Casement, K. Kocher, J. Martin, P. Inouye, M. Meister

Absent: J. Thompson, B. Haughton, J. Sherlock

1. Announcements

R. Davis mentioned an upcoming program on "Same Sex Marriage in Hawaii" co-sponsored by a number of groups, including the Library Committee on Diversity.

2. Minutes from the previous LAUC-D executive Board Meeting, the transitional board meeting of September 3, 1997, were approved with the correction of spelling in Myron Okadaís name.

3. Report from the LAUC Statewide Executive Board Meeting, October 15, 1997

R. Davis reported on the main points of the board meeting, which included:

Election calendar handouts were forwarded to J.Martin, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee. M. Meister was reminded that LAUC-D meeting minutes were to be routed via email to Lucia Snowhill (LAUC Chair) and Patsy Inouye (LAUC Secretary).

Myron Okada provided updates regarding several issues: Stipends for librarians: an O.K. has been given to proceed with stipends for non senate academic positions. No official word has been received from the Chancellorís office so no general announcement has yet been made. Each campus may decide who is eligible and what criteria to use for the stipends. We may need to address this issue with some guidelines after official word is received.

Adding steps to the Librarian series: no action has been taken on the previous proposal to add steps 6 and 7 to the librarian series.

APM revision may be necessary to accommodate the stipend issue.

LAUC Fall Assembly plans were discussed: The Executive Board will meet the day before the Assembly (November 20) and the Assembly will be held in the UCD Alumni Center on Friday, November 21. All are invited to attend but need to preregister and pay for lunch. Local arrangements are being made by David Lundquist.

LAUC Statewide committee charges: Cultural Diversity Committee charges were reviewed by the Executive Board with more emphasis on a manageable focus.

A presentation about the California Digital Library was made by Gary Lawrence and Susan Starr. A statewide press release announced the CDL. Richard Lucier was appointed Director. One of the major roles is to negotiate on behalf of UC for electronic information.

The Professional Governance Committee will be looking at future issues, perhaps to include stipends and additional steps in the librarian series.

4. R. Davis met with M. Sharrow and G. Bynon regarding LAUC issues. Items discussed included: Distinguished Librarian Award: the proposal will go forward for final approval Budget for LAUC-D: a budget for 1997-1998 exists; LAUC-D was asked to prepared a budget for 1998-1999 to include expected expenditures. Items budgeted in the past have been primarily LAUC programs and refreshments. The usual annual budget is $2500.

5. LAUC-D Web page: The Executive Board agreed to add Executive Board minutes when they have been approved. The URL should be sent to Andrea Sevetson (UCB) to link to the statewide home page which she maintains at UCB. The Scholarly Communications Committee Home page should have a link from the LAUCD home page.

6. Fall Assembly: R. Davis again reviewed the preliminary schedule for assembly on Nov. 21.

7. Committee Reports:

Research Committee: Statewide research committee received two proposals from UCD. The first call for proposals is out and second call for proposals will be made with a due date in January.

Program Committee: The committee has numerous ideas, no firm dates yet.

Professional Issues: The committee has not yet met and has no specific charges for the year at this time.

Review Board: The call for reviews with the calendar has gone out, the meeting for reviewees and review initiators has been held. The Board will be reviewing more packets than usual this year.

Nominations and Elections: no new business.

Professional Activities: no report.

8. Meetings: the schedule for Executive Board meetings was discussed and it was agreed that meetings could be held onthe first Thursdays of the month. A General LAUC D membership meeting may need to be scheduled prior to the statewide assembly if there are any issues which need discussion.

9. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister,