Librarians Association of the University of California, Davis

Minutes of the LAUC-D General Membership Meeting June 12, 1997

Present: J. Sherlock (Chair), M. Sharrow, B. Haughton, P. French (recorder), K. Kocher, N. Kushigian, M. Colby, A. Borg, K. Firestein, P. Inouye, B. French, G. Nichols, M. Winter, C. La Russa, P. Wang, L. Yamamoto, J. Martin, E. Franco, C. Kopper, M.H. Moreno, R. Davis, S. Baker, T. Sibia, S. Casement, S. Howard, R. Castro, L. Kennedy

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.


The minutes of May 1, 1997 were approved.


The LAUC Fall Assembly will be held at UCD on Friday, November 21 in the Buehler Alumni Center. D. Lundquist will be the chair of the local arrangements committee. Volunteers are needed to serve on the committee and should notify D. Lundquist or R. Davis of their willingness to serve. D. Forrest has information and forms for making certain types of campus hospitality arrangements.


M. Sharrow reported on the new campus budgeting process that was begun last year. The General Library gave a lengthy Powerpoint presentation on the Library's programs and budgetary needs last year to the budget committee which was well received and used as a model for other departments to follow in the future. This year the Library gave a shorter presentation which highlighted the request for two budget augmentations for "Bridging Funds". If allocated, these funds would be used to: 1) provide new library materials and document delivery services to support the campus faculty renewal program, and 2) provide start-up funds to participate in the Academic Press IDEAL program. Under the IDEAL program Academic Press will provide all of its journal titles electronically to large consortias along with a 10% discount for paper title cancellations and a guaranteed cap on inflation for the first 2-3 years.

The Academic Senate has endorsed sending a letter to the Provost in support of the Library's budget. There is strong faculty support for the Library as well as great concern over the continuing loss of journal titles. New campus funds are being diverted to hiring new faculty members as the campus continues to work towards the target of adding 500 new faculty members in the next eight years. There is the possibility that UCOP will match augmentations given by the Chancellor to the Library, most of which would be for materials.


There is a good slate of experienced candidates for LAUC-D offices. No additional candidates were nominated during the general meeting. Paper ballots will be mailed out soon and are due back by June 20. The candidates are:

Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Buzz Haughton

Secretary: John Ward Marcia Meister

Academic Personnel Action Board Vice Chair: Ken Firestein Sharon Baker Carolyn Kopper

Professional Activities Committee Vice Chair: Hans Rocke Kathy Lin Dave Lundquist

Professional Issues Committee Vice Chair: Mike Winter Terri Malmgren

Professional Issues Committee Member-at-large: John Skarstad

Program Committee Vice Chair: Gail Nichols Mary Helen Moreno

Research Committee Vice Chair: Nancy Kushigian Carol La Russa

Nominations and Elections Committee Members-at-large (3):

Bob Alan Jim Martin Susan Llano Mary Helen Moreno

Appointments to fill openings on LAUC-D committees will continue after the election is complete and additional volunteers are welcomed. Committee appointments are an important way to build a pool of experienced candidates for future office.

Biographies of candidates for LAUC Statewide offices were sent out via email several weeks ago. They will not be reprinted on paper and LAUC members should refer to the email version for information about candidates. The candidates are:

Vice-President/President-Elect: Kari Lucas (UCSD) Angela Yang (UCI)

Secretary: Patsy Inouye (UCD) Becky Lhermitte (UCB)


John Sherlock, Rebecca Davis and Patsy Inouye represented UCD at the Spring Assembly this year. The agenda featured a report by Karen Andrews and Susan Starr (UCSD) on the Library Planning Action and Initiative; progress reports have been also been sent to LAUC via email. The Cultural Diversity Committee report was discussed and referred back to the committee for more work on making the emphasis more inclusive. UCR made a resolution that LAUC endorse the proposal to add additional steps in the Librarian series. An issue that needs more discussion is whether Librarian V should continue to be the "Super Step", or whether it should be moved to Librarian VI or VII.

Myron Okata, UCOP, spoke about the proposal to establish an Administrative Stipend for librarians with management/supervisory duties. UCOP supports the proposal but LAUC divisions at campuses other than Davis do not. LAUC President Miki Goral has drafted a letter to Dr. Ellen Switkes, Assistant Vice President at UCOP, stating LAUC's opposition. M. Goral has requested comments on the letter from LAUC divisions by Friday, June 13. J. Sherlock will send a response summarizing UCD's position which includes the following points:

- Although there is a diversity of opinions among LAUC-D members, UCD generally supports the concept of administrative stipends. - UCD feels that administrative stipends do not undermine the current two-track system for advancement. They actually support it by allowing librarians to advance in their careers without the necessity of moving into management positions but still receiving additional compensation when they take on administrative duties. So long as the stipends are associated with a particular administrative assignment and do not become part of a librarian's permanent compensation after they leave that assignment, stipends are not a threat to the current salary structure.

- The LAUC letter as it is currently written expresses only the views of represented librarians. It should also address how stipends would affect non-represented librarians.

- UCD would like to see the language in the letter rephrased so that it is less adversarial in tone.


This year the Executive Board researched past uses of LAUC-D funds and found that LAUC-D has used only a small percentage of its funds most years. The annual allocation is $2,500; unused funds are returned to the book budget. LAUC-D officers and committees have been conservative in using funds partly because they have not always had information about the amount of funds available. Chair Sherlock asked for members' ideas about how to make best use of LAUC funds in the future. Ideas mentioned include offering programs with speakers from outside the university, continuing education programs, contributing funds towards paying the cost of an exciting speaker for the Fall Assembly, giving strategic donations to campus departments as a form of outreach, establishing a LAUC library fund, adopting journals, purchasing special software, having a spring reception or sponsoring a retreat. Committee which have projects or programs in mind can prepare a budget and request the Executive Board to approve the use of funds.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

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