LAUC-D Executive Board February Minutes

Minutes of LAUCD executive board meeting, February 5, 1998

Members present:  Rebecca Davis, Susan Casement, Karl Kocher, John Sherlock, Phyllis Wang, Jerrel Thompson, Marcia Meister, Buzz Haughton

Minutes of the January 7, 1998 executive board meeting were approved.


Program Committee is scheduling a program on "cultural Riddles" for February 11, at 10:00-11:00.

On February 18, a program on "Exploring Census Data on the Internet" will take place at 1:30-4:30 in the Library Instruction Room.

The proposal for a Distinguished Librarian Award was distributed.  We are waiting to hear from Dennis Shimek regarding the award.  A call for nominations will come out this month.  A review committee to screen nominations needs to be appointed.  One at-large LAUC-D member will need to be appointed.  Suggestions from the floor were made and R. Davis will contact selected individual or individuals prior to making the appointment.

Committee reports:

Professional Activities:  no meetings until May Program:  S. Casement announced programs being planned:  program on Cultural riddles has been scheduled; a Physical Sciences Library Update is being planned; a program on cataloging electronic resources in being planned and Patsy Inouye and Pat French will be working on this program.

Professional Issues:  K. Kocher reported that the committee was looking at the implications of stipends on the review process and had met to look at issues concerned with stipend proposal as charged

Research:  P. Wang announced that 3 more applications were received for local funds and all of them were approved.  Statewide Research Committee received additional applications from the second call for applications, ongoing requests will be entertained by the Research Committee for local funds.  P. Wang was asked to post or provide the names of successful research fund recipients so this information could be placed on the LAUC-D web page.

Web page:  R. Davis suggested that any unapproved minutes need to have a disclaimer to indicate that they are unapproved.

Next Executive Board meeting:  March 5

Other Business: R. Davis reported that the UCB library director had submitted his resignation.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister, Secretary.