LAUC-D General Membership Meeting

10 June 1999

A quorum gathered by 9:15.

Carol LaRussa gave a report of the LAUC Spring Assembly. Minutes of that meeting are available on the Web page http//

Nominations. Karl Kocher announced the slate of officers for the local election. The slate was approved as presented by acclamation.

Questions about Librarians' pay scales. George Bynon suggested that all parties support the idea in principle. Details will have to be worked out in contract negotiations.

Announcement was made of the "Managing change in the new millennium" workshop.

Linda Kennedy announced that SOPAG will send out their minutes from the most recent meeting. She encouraged everyone to subscribe to the 'CDL Alert' and the 'CDL Info' distribution lists.

Mary Helen spoke about the infamous Aggie cartoon. She suggested that we need to address the campus climate that is not conducive to diversity. Merely quoting the Principles of Community over and over does not solve the problem.

George Bynon spoke of the campus Council on Diversity's reaction to the incident. Mary Helen's letter was distributed to the Council members, though it was not printed in the Aggie.

The discussion then turned to the Aggie's reaction of removing the offending cartoon from their website. The Library preserves copies of the Aggie as published. One copy in Periodicals and another in Special Collections.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.