Minutes of the LAUC-D General Membership Meeting of January 12, 2000

Present: C. LaRussa (Chair), M. Sharrow, P. Inouye, J. Stratford, P. French, K. Firestein,

J. Boorkman, R. Rocke, H. Rocke, G. Yokote, J. Sweeney, C. Chambers, P. Wang, R. Davis,

K. Darr, D. Lundquist, M. Colby, R. Alan, R. Castro, S. Lamprecht, N. Kushigian, M. Winter,

D. Goldstein, E. Franco, C. Howard, K. Andrews, G., Nichols, J. Janes, S. Vella, G. Bynon,

K. Kocher, J. Thompson, O. Popa, S. Casement, L. Kennedy, M. Meister, S. Baker, C. Kopper

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  2. The minutes of the November 11, 1999 General Membership meeting were approved.

  4. M. Sharrow reported that the governor's budget includes a 12.1 percent increase in funding for the University of California. The budget would provide funding for 6,000 new students. In addition, the budget contains an increase of $2.5 million in support of the California Digital Library (CDL). There is more money for library collections, salary increases and information technology. It is likely that money for the restructuring of the librarian series will come from the library.

    As part of the general campus access ports project, new ports will be installed in Shields Library, Carlson Health Sciences Library and Physical Sciences and Engineering Library. This project will allow library users to connect their laptops to the campus network via the new ports.

    The general campus access high-speed wireless project was funded. Wireless access will be available in the Extended Reading Room in the Shields Library.

    The "My UCDavis" project will allow individual students, faculty or staff to access Web pages tailored to serve their needs.

    Regarding library automation, UCD would like to have a good OPAC to serve as a back-up to MELVYL. We will be looking for an integrated library system (ILS). M. Sharrow made three promises: 1) looking at different systems will be done quickly; 2) we won't build our own system; and 3) everyone will be able to discuss the issues involved. All-staff meetings about an ILS will begin in March.

  6. N. Kushigian said that last year the LAUC-D Research Committee awarded four grants, including one mini-grant. The committee receives approximately $3,500 per year to fund grants. The current balance is $7-8,000 to which another $2,000 will be added. N. Kushigian will see if local and statewide reports can be mounted on the Web.

    R. Castro reported that so far the Review Board has received 8-10 packets to review.

    J. Thompson announced the following programs planned by the Program Committee: O. Popa's presentation on her research on February 29, a tour of HSL in April and R. Wendt's presentation on the Yolo County archives in May. In addition, there are luncheons planned for January 25 or 26 and for late February or early March.

    M. Meister, Chair of the Professional Activities Committee, encouraged librarians to request funding to support their professional development.


    P. Inouye reviewed the history of the restructuring proposal. LAUC and the University Librarians submitted a proposal with a salary scale and an implementation plan to the Office of the President in October. The ULs wanted to raise the entry-level salary and have the ability to use above-scale salaries to retain exceptional individuals. The proposal addresses the restructuring of the series, not equity adjustment. The length of the proposed scale for the series would change from nineteen to thirty years. Librarians' salaries would rise up to 6%. Efforts were made to insure that the restructuring would benefit librarians in the long run. Specific issues related to the restructuring were discussed. M. Meister commented that the evaluation period at the Assistant Librarian level should be a one-year period, rather than a two-year period, to discourage Assistant Librarians from seeking better compensation elsewhere. P. Inouye responded that accelerations are more frequent at that level. O. Popa raised the concern that the lower step assigned to a librarian under the new structure could make it appear that a librarian had been demoted and might affect his/her bargaining for another position. P. Inouye said that we know our series best and would expect our salaries to be matched in other positions. O. Popa asked if a Librarian IV's three-year evaluation would be considered in July if that librarian has favorable reviews and is now up for review for Librarian V . The Review Board and Library Administration would have to discuss these cases, since there are no current provisions for handling such cases. There are no criteria set up for Librarian steps VI and VII. R. Davis noted the overlap between Associate Librarian VII and Librarian steps. K. Firestein asked if the Review Board would review cases where above-scale salaries are granted . O. Popa said the Academic Federation has pushed for such reviews. J. Boorkman noted that the reviewing committees are concerned with merit, not salary. B. Bynon indicated that if the bargaining concludes, we would make sure that fairness applies to librarians in the review cycle. M. Meister, Chair of the Academic Federation Personnel Committee, said the committee will look at reviews for 1999 this year, and therefore could not consider the period covered by the new scale.

    R. Castro stated that the Review Board is proceeding in the same way. P. Inouye expressed the hope that review boards work in shared governance with the administration so that something can be done in May or June so that salaries in July of 2000 are retroactive. The next step in the process is the presentation of the Chancellors' comments. Then the proposal will be subject to collective bargaining. G. Bynon said that the most optimistic expectation is that the implementation would be possible by July of 2000.

    P. Inouye indicated that soon librarians would be paying their "fair share" to the union. It is important for librarians to express their needs and concerns to the union representatives.


    At the LAUC Fall Assembly concern was expressed about the criteria for advancement to Librarian V. Should more emphasis be placed on criterion one which covers on-the-job performance? This matter was to be brought to the attention of local LAUC divisions for consideration. After some discussion, K. Andrews made the following motion: LAUC should take action to re-evaluate Position Paper no.1 with a focus on exploring criteria for evaluation of the Librarian distinguished step and the librarians series. Jo Anne Boorkman seconded the motion. The motion passed. It was felt that LAUC-D should have more discussion on this topic. Members need to consider what the criteria should be, how they should be interpreted, and whether on-the-job activities should be given more weight. The membership charged the Professional Issues Committee with reviewing Position Paper no.1 with these concerns in mind.

  12. J. Stratford presented some of the reasons why a replacement of MELVYL and the other CDL-hosted databases is being considered. Many of the people who developed MELVYL have left or are leaving and are no longer available to maintain the system. CDL's staff don't want to be caught with a system they are unable to maintain. It is likely that there will be a Request for Proposal (RFP) offering three alternatives to bidders for the OPAC's interface, the CAT/PE database's server and the abstracting and indexing databases' server. A draft RFP should be completed by mid-February. J. Stratford urged people to complete the RFP for CDL-hosted databases survey posted at the bottom of the Web page for library staff. Also, there is a link to a user survey on CDL's main Web page for MELVYL. J. Stratford indicated that he is willing to speak to groups about these issues.

  13. OTHER

L. Kennedy of the Systemwide Operations Planning and Advisory Group (SOPAG) reported that the Government Information Initiative is moving forward. A manager for the Online Archive of California will be recruited. A task force is considering the archiving of print materials in view of the availability of digital resources such as JSTOR. There is a new display for electronic journals in MELVYL on the Web. UCD participated in the Shared Cataloging of Digital Resources project.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:05 a.m.

The minutes were submitted by Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary.