LAUC-D General Membership Meeting
May 21, 1998

Present: Susan Casement, Jim Martin, Karl Kocher, Sandy Lamprecht, Carol LaRussa, Elaine Franco, Michael Colby, Buzz Haughton, Phyllis Wang, Rafaela Castro, Pat French, Sharon Baker, Marcia Meister, Rebecca Davis, Clint Howard, George Bynon, Patsy Inouye, Reve Rocke

  1. There was no quorum so R. Davis began the meeting with announcements:

  2. A quorum was reached and the business portion of this meeting began.

  3. The minutes were approved following corrections.

  4. Jim Martin presented the election slate and asked for nominations from the floor. No additional nominations were made. S. Baker moved that the slate be accepted as presented, the motion was seconded by B. Haughton. The nomination slate was accepted.

  5. Jim Martin presented the proposed Bylaws Change. He explained that the proposed change is a change in timing of elections to allow sending out the state and local ballots at the same time.

  6. Other business: R. Castro asked about the status of the statewide Committee on Diversity report. R. Davis reported that the report was filed and distributed to members and an ad hoc committee is making changes to the subcommittees report.

    Reports resumed on the LAUC Assembly discussion questions with additional comments by P. Inouye and M. Meister. Discussion focussed on training, education issues.

    The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister, Secretary.