DRAFT - Unapproved minutes

LAUC-D General Membership Meeting
January 13, 1998

Present: Rebecca Davis (Chair), Marilyn Sharrow, John Sherlock, Karl Kocher, Jim Martin, Linda Yamamoto, Michael Colby, Mary Wood, Susan Casement, Jo Anne Boorkman, Rafaela Castro, Ken Firestein, Hans Rocke, Reve Rocke, Sharon Baker, Buzz Haughton (recorder), Patsy Inouye, George Bynon, Pat French, Carolyn Kopper, Phyllis Wong, Ted Sibia, Sandy Vella.

Chair Davis called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.

Minutes of the June 12, 1997 general membership meeting were distributed and approved with the correction of the spelling of Myron Okada's name.

Chair Davis opened the floor to announcements:

Chair Davis offered highlights of the LAUC Fall Assembly on November 21, 1997:

Chair Davis opened the discussion of the administrative stipend proposal.

George Bynon gave some background: the stipend issue goes back several years and has been discussed a lot by   LAUC-D and the union. UC University Librarians support stipends. The trigger for the implementation of stipends has been changes to APM 633 and 360. Library Administration wanted to consult with the affected group and LAUC-D. The affected group has approved Library Administration's proposal unanimously. Provost Grey would still be receptive to changes to the proposal sent to it by the Library Administration; hence, this meeting has been called for possible further input by LAUC-D members.

Chair Davis opened the floor for comments.

Patsy Inouye asked for Dave Lundquist's comments regarding the proposal for a two- or three-tiered approach made three years ago. The current proposal doesn't speak to numbers of FTE supervised by the stipend recipient at all. UCLA will implement its stipend program soon, as will Riverside. The UCLA model will be based on the amount of budget, excluding collections, under the authority of the supervisor, and will range from $350 to $600 per month. UCLA's proposal has come out in the wake of a campuswide review of adminstrative stipends. Santa Barbara is also close to implementing its stipend plan; Santa Cruz will follow the Davis model. Berkeley was unsure of how to treat unaffiliated branch supervising librarians, so the issue is in committee on that campus. San Diego doesn't plan to implement stipends due to lack of funds. Irvine is still studying the issue. All campuses will take the money for stipends from their existing library budgets. In all cases, stipends are associated with positions, not persons. George Bynon said that the criterion Library Administration opted for in deciding who gets stipends is simple: department heads.  While there is some unavoidable inequity in that supervisors of large departments will receive the same amount of stipend as supervisors of small ones, in practice there is not a large range in sizes with the exception of the Catalog Department. Ken Firestein wondered about basing the stipend amounts on a percentage of a librarian's salary in the same way that COLAs are. George pointed out that this would mean that stipends depend on persons rather than positions. What about the head of Access Services, who supervises no librarians? According to George, there is nothing in the stipend proposal that excludes librarians who don't supervise librarians. Patsy raised the issue of represented librarians who could conceivably merit stipends. George said that the Library Administration decided to limit the stipends to department for two reasons: there isn't a lot of money, and department heads are involved with the Administration in deciding Library policy.

Chair Davis entertained a motion to endorse the administrative stipend proposal. John Sherlock moved and Reve Rocke seconded. The motion passed with 11 yeas and 7 abstentions.

Chair Davis opened the floor for discussion of the issue of the possible effect of stipends on the peer review process. Patsy expressed her belief that since stipends go to positions and not to persons, they wouldn't enter into peer review at all. Other campuses go so far as to say new supervisor librarian series might be required. According to our Review Board there is no reason for such a change. George added that someone's performance would not affect whether s/he gets a stipend. Fixed amounts fit with positions and not persons.  Chair Davis will report at the March LAUC Statewide Executive Board that we see no peer review problem. George asked Chair Davis if he could move forward with the proposal now and ignore the January 23 deadline that he and Davis had originally agreed on. Chair Davis responded yes.

Susan Casement reported on the Program Committee. There is going to be a program on changes at the Physical Sciences Library and another one on "cultural riddles."  No dates have been set.

Ken Firestein asked about inclusion of opposite-sex partners in UC's domestic partners proposal. Myron Okada has said that UC doesn't want to "lead the pack" here. Other universities have same-  sex domestic partners programs. There is a fear that including opposite-sex partners might cost   too much. The Office of the President is still looking at refining the language of the proposal.  Open enrollment for domestic partners will take place at a special enrollment period next April

The Diversity Program will sponsor a talk on February 20 by Professor Vermeij of the Geology Department on his life as a blind scholar.  The program will be held in the Library Instruction Room at noon-1pm as a brown-bag lunch.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:13 am.

Minutes submitted by Buzz Haughton.