LAUC-D Executive Board Meeting
July 2, 1998

Present: Rebecca Davis, Karl Kocher, Susan Casement, John Sherlock, Patsy Inouye, Buzz Haughton (recorder)

Ruth Gustafson is the new librarian at Bodega Bay. She is interested in being active with LAUC.

Professional Governance Committee appointment:
The Davis "holistic" resolution called for a number of activities to be done before Fall Assembly '98. Rebecca was the only one on statewide who thought that an ad hoc committee should be appointed; everyone else wanted to turn it over to Professional Governance Committee. The committee asked those who would have left if they would be willing to stay on. Judy Welsh, UCD's representative, indicated that she would be willing to do this. Rebecca believes that committee members have invested a lot of time and effort sofar and want to continue. John thought that rotation of committee members is a good thing, and that four years on the committee might be too much. Rebecca said that the committee compiled a very large and significant amount of data; it may be too much to expect a new person to be brought up to speed by November, when a report is expected. Rebecca pointed out that we could appoint Judy for only one more year, and another person could be appointed next year. Karl suggested extending Judy's appointment till the filing of the report in November; then perhaps Jane Kimball could be appointed, since she authored the original resolution at Davis, and she indicated she would be willing to serve on an ad hoc committee. Another potential member is Linda Kennedy. John favored appointing Jane Kimball now; she has a great deal of institutional and report-writing experience. Professional Governance will have a meeting sometime in August, so according to Rebecca we should make a decision probably this month. Rebecca proposed making this decision at the August transitional meeting.

Committee reports:
No reports from Program or Professional Issues;
Review Board still has two packets. Patsy will talk to George and Sandy about reporting slightly different statistics in the Review Board's annual report, possibly indicating trends.
Rebecca relayed Jerri Thompson's concern, on behalf of the Professional Activities Committee, that the committee has become a rubber stamp. Should there be simply a clerical function in disbursement of funds, based on a formula? Patsy expressed the opinion that in some cases the department heads make travel decisions by telling librarians that they will not get administrative funds but will have to make requests of PAC. Rebecca asked committee chairs to have their annual reports in to the secretary by July 30 at the latest.

Distinguished Librarian Award debriefing:
Rebecca will write up a one-page summary of how the Distinguished Librarian Award procedure went for the benefit of the next Distinguished Librarian Award selection committee in three years' time. John said there were some confidentiality issues that came up. The group consensus was in favor of maintaining the same level of confidentiality there was this time for the next round. Susan would have preferred more time between the time the decision was made and the event; it involved a lot of fast work on Susan's part. About three weeks to a month was perceived by the Executive Board to be an optimum time span. Deliberations could begin earlier in the year than they did this year.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Minutes Submitted by Buzz Haughton