LAUCD Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 7, 1998
Agenda:  Discussion of stipend proposal

Present:  J. Sherlock, P. Wang, K. Kocher, S. Casement, B. Haughton, P Inouye, R. Davis (Chair), M. Meister (recorder)

R. Davis started by meeting by explaining that comments on the stipend proposal as submitted via email to LAUCD members by G. Bynon need to be submitted by to him by January 26 and to meet that deadline we needed to reschedule this meeting and move up the date of the General Membership Meeting to accommodate discussion on this issue.

R. Davis provided a brief background summary of the status of the stipends.  The concept of  a stipend is already written into the APM as of November 1,  1997.  R. Davis had been awaiting "official" word from the Library Administration that stipends had been approved by the campus, however, we were actually waiting for approval of the proposal for implementing stipends which was submitted by the Library Administration.

J. Sherlock reminded the group that the stipend issue was discussed at previous LAUCD meetings in past years, and the current Library Administration proposal does not deviate from the discussions in the past.

Regarding details of the proposal for stipends, it was clarified that only Department Heads and only non-represented librarians are eligible for stipends.  Money for stipends would come from the Library’s Operating Budget.  The amount of the proposed stipend is $200. per month.

K. Kocher spoke on behalf of the LAUCD Professional Issues Committee saying that the committee had met once to discuss stipends and provided additional background on how LAUCD arrived at the current stipend proposal.  As background comments, he noted that the two track system for advancement for UC librarians is thought by some to be incompatible with a two track compensation system and disagreement with the concept on various campuses as well as a perceived inconsistency in application of the stipends has created some controversy within some of the LAUC divisions.

The LAUCD General Membership meeting has been scheduled for January 13, 9-11 a.m. The LAUCD General Membership meeting will be an opportunity for all librarians to discuss the stipend issue in a large meeting.  Other agenda items for next week’s General Membership meeting will include reports from R. Davis on the LAUC Fall Assembly held at UCD and probably a University Librarian’s report.

M. Meister reported that she will be at ALA during the LAUCD General Membership meeting and Buz Haughton volunteered to take minutes of the meeting.

Minutes submitted by Marcia Meister