LAUC Committees 1998/99

LAUCD Chair: Buzz Haughton

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Carol LaRussa
Secretary: John Ward
Past Chair: Rebecca Davis

Professional Activities:

Kathy Lin, Chair (1999)
Marcia Meister, Vice Chair, Chair Elect (2000) elected
Katherine Chambers (1999)
Jim Martin (2000) elected

Professional Issues Committee

Mike Winter, Chair (1999)
Sandra Lamprecht, Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2000)
Carol LaRussa, ex officio
Pat French (1999)
John Skarstaad (2000)

Program Committee

Gail Nichols, Chair (1999)
Jerry Thompson, Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2000)
Erin Murphy (1999)
Susan Casement (1999)

Research Committee

Phyllis Wang, Chair (1999)
Nancy Kushigian, Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2000)
Jim Martin (1999)
Susan Llano (2000)

Review Board

Carolyn Kopper, Chair (1999)
Rafaela Castro, Vice Chair/Chair Elect (2000)
Reve Rocke (1999)
Judy Welsh (1999)
Michael Colby (2000)

Nominations and Elections [all members elected except ex officio]

Karl Kocher, Chair
Michael Colby
Elaine Franco
Carol LaRussa (ex officio)

LAUC Statewide

Committee on Plans and Policies:

Gail Nichols (2000)

Professional Governance Committee:

Linda Kennedy (2000)