LAUC-Davis Division

2004/2005 Officers and Committee Roster


Chair: Bob Heyer-Gray

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Karleen Darr

Past Chair: Terri Malmgren

Secretary: Ruth Gustafson


Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancement (CAPA)

Pat French (Chair) (2005)

Gail Nichols (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2006)

Cory Craig (2005)

Annie Lin (2005)

Erin Murphy (2006)


Nominations and Elections Committee

Sarah John (Chair) (2005)

Lisa Spagnolo (2005)

Elaine Franco (2005)

Kathy Lin (2005)

Karleen Darr, Ex-officio (2005)

Professional Issues Committee

Sandra Vella (Chair) (2005)

Peg Durkin (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2006)

Deanna Johnson (2005)

Erin Murphy (2006)
Karleen Darr, Ex-officio (2005)
Professional Activities Committee
Jerry Thompson (Chair) (2005)
Daryl Morrison (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2006)
Katherine Chambers (2005)
Jared Campbell (2006)

Program Committee

David Michalski (Chair) (2005)

Xiaoli Li (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2006)

Carolyn Kopper (2005)

Kathy Stroud (2005)


Research Committee

Dan Goldstein (Chair) (2005)

Barbara Hegenbart (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) (2007)

Cory Craig (2006)

Daryl Morrison (2005)




Committee on Professional Governance (2006): Marcia Meister



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Last updated: October 2004