LAUC-Davis Division
2005/2006 Officers and Committees Roster



Chair: Karleen Darr (2006)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Sandra Vella (2007)
Past Chair: Bob Heyer-Gray
Secretary: Erin Murphy (2006)


1. Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Advancement (CAPA)
(Formerly: Academic Personnel Action Review Board/Review Board)

Chair: Karl Kocher (July 2006-2007)
Previous Chair (retired): Gail Nichols (August 2005-June 2006)
Erin Murphy (2006)
Michael Colby (2007)
John Sherlock (2007)

2. Nominations and Elections Committee
Chair: Bernadette Swanson (2006)
Member-at-large: Melissa Browne (2006)
Member-at-large: Elaine Franco (2006)
Member-at-large: Kathy Stroud (2006)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect serves ex-officio: Sandy Vella (2006)

3. Professional Activities Committee
Chair: Daryl Morrison (2006)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Annie Lin (2007)
Jared Campbell (2006)
Sarah John (2007)

4. Professional Issues Committee
Chair: Peg Durkin (2006)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Lisa Spagnolo (2007)
Erin Murphy (2006)
Mary Wood (2007)
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect serves ex-officio: Sandra Vella (2006)

5. Program Committee
Chair: Xiaoli Li (2006)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Adam Siegel (2007)
Sheila Cunningham (2006)
Carolyn Kopper (2006)

6. Research Committee
Chair: Barbara Hegenbart (2007)
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Ruth Gustafson (2008)
Cory Craig (2006)
Susan Llano (2007)


Committee on Professional Governance: Marcia Meister (2007)

Research and Professional Development Committee: Barbara Hegenbart (2007)

Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdiction: Linda Kennedy (2007)

Library Plans and Policies: Juri Stratford (2007)

Diversity Committee: Melissa Browne (2007)


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