LAUC-D Executive Board Transition Meeting. August 12, 2000

Present: C. LaRussa, G. Nichols, B. Haughton, S. Lamprecht, D. Goldstein (Recorder), C. Kopper (Recorder), K. Firestein, M. Eldredge, K. Darr, R. Castro, J. Thompson, M. Meister, N. Kushigian

Absent: S. Vella, L. Kennedy, M. Wood, K. Andrews

  1. Approval of Minutes of the June 20 Meeting
  2. The minutes of the June 20, 2000 Executive Board Meeting were approved as read.

  3. Officer Reports
  4. C. LaRussa and K. Firestein reported on the meeting of the LAUC Executive Board that was held in Oakland on August 10. P. Inouye presented the outgoing Presidentís report. A search committee for a University Librarian for UC Merced has been appointed. P. Inouye is a member of the committee. Interviews are planned for January. L. Leighton and S. Wittenburg have been nominated as LAUC representatives to the system-wide committee considering questions about the archiving of JSTOR journals. The group is considering whether or not to archive one good paper copy of complete runs of each JSTOR journal within the UC system. L. Kennedy would like one LAUC representative to serve on the Heads of Public Servicesí committee that is considering extended hours for reference. The resolution passed at the LAUC Spring Assembly about library space has been forwarded to Judson King of the Library Senate Committee, and LAUC will request a response at the Fall LAUC Assembly. A new Web master is needed for the LAUC site. APM 360 was discussed. The new language in the APM is not yet in effect. LAUC does not know exactly what the language will be, but probably will be able to advise on the language. During this past year the Library Plans and Policies Committee was not very active partly because the members of the committee were not the best suited for specialized tasks. An ad hoc committee will be created to replace LPPC.

    C. LaRussa requested that chairs of committees submit their annual reports to her as soon as possible.

    C. LaRussa announced that a shared folder for LAUC-D had been set up on the libraryís shared directory. There is the problem of access to the folder by LAUC-D members who are not part of the General Library. C. LaRussa requested that a folder be set up for the LAUC-D Executive Board as well.

    C. Kopper said this year she created an Archives section on the LAUC-D Web page. She plans to move several items to the archive and to forward copies of these items to J. Skarstad. D. Goldstein will check to see what archival materials S. Baker has.

  5. Committee Chair Reports
  6. M. Meister stated that she had submitted the annual report for the Professional Activities Committee. She noted that G. Bynon said that the outcome of bargaining would determine the amount of PAC funds available next year. Librarians are to submit requests as usual. This year all represented librarians received a total reimbursement.

    R. Castro noted that the Review Board has reviewed eleven salary actions for full-time librarians during this year. The board reviewed two new appointments in Humanities/Social Sciences and six temporary appointments. R. Castro expressed the concern that there are no guidelines for considering reviews during the transition to the new salary scale. After the contract is signed, there will be Librarian Vís and plateaued Librarian IVís who will want to request reviews. Recommendations or preparations could be made for these and other situations that could arise. It would be helpful to gather information about what has happened at other campuses in this regard. Either an ad hoc committee or the Professional Issues committee could be charged with gathering information.

    J. Thompson reported that the Program Committee had planned eleven events this year, including three lunches. Attendance was good.

    N. Kushigian said the Research Committee considered four local grant applications during the year. Three local grants were awarded. O. Popaís local application was referred to the statewide committee and was funded. The committee reaffirmed the past practice of funding only reference hours in grants as opposed to funding the whole leave time, which would deplete all resources. C. Kopper suggested that other partial funding be set up in the case where the applicant does not work at a public service desk. Approximately $3,000.00 are available every year to fund grants for both represented and non-represented librarians. The fund rolls over. About $2,000.00 were not spent this year.

    S. Lamprecht reported that the Professional Issues Committee considered three issues this year. PIC identified digital library educational and training needs of UC librarians, examined LAUC Position Paper No. 1, "Criteria for Appointment or Promotion to the Ranks of Associate Librarian and Librarian and Advancement to Librarian Step V," and looked into the issue of having a LAUC-D member presence on the libraryís Web site. PIC recommended that LAUC Position Paper No. 1 be re-examined, and C. LaRussa forwarded the recommendation to the LAUC Executive Board. With regard to a LAUC-D member presence on the libraryís Web site, PIC recommended that the LAUC-D Secretary be the person authorized to approve LAUC-D Web accounts and that there be a listing of LAUC-D members located on the libraryís page. It was felt that a librarian should be able to attach a more creative, but professional, Web page if desired, rather that being limited to a resume.

  7. Committee Appointments
  8. Individuals were nominated to be appointed to vacancies on committees. K. Firestein will contact those individuals about the appointments for confirmation.

    At this point the previous year's executive board members departed. Still present: K. Darr, M. Eldredge, K. Firestein, D. Goldstein (Recorder), N. Kushigian, C. LaRussa, G. Nichols.

  9. K.F presented for consideration the following ideas for charges for the Committees which the board then discussed. Following further consultation KF expects to write them up for submission to Committee Chairs.

Personnel Action Review Board:

K. F. suggested a draft charge calling on the Review Board to determine how other campuses will be handling upcoming reviews in view of the current uncertainty of this transitional period.

Professional Activities Committee:

K.F. proposed drafting a charge for this committee addressing the following points. In recent years expenses have been met fully for represented librarians but not for non-represented librarians. Is this an issue LAUC needs to address? Discussion of this charge focused on two points. 1. To what extend does the library administration augment professional activities funds. 2. Are librarians being asked to use their professional development funds when asked to travel for administrative reasons?

Professional Issues Committee:

K.F. suggested drafting a charge for this committee comprising the following elements.

1. pursuing further the question of Librarians' Professional Web Pages.

2. investigating and clarifying the relationship between LAUC-D and the Union (UC-AFT)

3.considering sabbaticals for librarians--why, how and when.

Program Committee:

K.F. suggests that this committee continue the no-host lunch program, arrange the annual Fall Reception; create some sort of staff recognition program; establish a LAUC presence at Picnic Day; consider hosting a Library Retreat.

Research Committee:

K.F. raised for discussion drafting a charge for this committee suggesting it take up the task of reviewing and reporting on the mechanism for funding personnel replacement time. Also, to amend the "call document" clarifying the uses to which research moneys can be used. There was discussion of the meaning of the use of money to fund replacement time "up to ten hours per week" in the context of Librarians' status as salaried professionals and how it can be applied to Librarians who do not work at a reference desk or equivalent. Also the question of whether and how the time released by grant funding is or can be augmented by departmental practice.

Nominations and Elections Committee:

K. Firestein proposed drafting a charge for this committee calling on it to establish an official LAUC-D membership list with the voting status of each member clarified. There was discussion as to how to best generate such a list and who should be responsible for so doing.

Meeting adjourned.