LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes, June 20, 2000

Present: C. LaRussa, C. Kopper (recorder), B. Haughton, K. Firestein, M. Meister, N. Kushigian,

S. Lamprecht

Absent: S. Vella, J. Thompson, R. Castro

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  1. Approval of Minutes of May 18 Meeting
  2. The minutes of the May 18, 2000 Executive Board meeting were approved as corrected.

  3. Officer Reports
  4. C. LaRussa reported on the LAUC Assembly held on June 1 at UC Santa Barbara. At the Assembly, Myron Okada announced that the budget was in good shape. Assembly participants discussed issues related to Librarian V and the distinguished step. Issues discussed included reinterpreting the criteria for a distinguished career for advancement to Librarian V and whether the term "distinguished" should be separated (uncoupled) from a particular step. LAUC will probably look at Position Paper 1 in the coming year. The Assembly passed a resolution in support of library space.

    Board members briefly discussed issues related to distinguished emeriti librarians. It was felt that perhaps LAUC could discuss these issues in the future.

  5. Committee Chair Reports
  6. N. Kushigian stated that the Research Committee had approved a grant for a project to be conducted by

    R. Castro this summer.

    S. Lamprecht expressed the hope that the Professional Issues Committee’s recommendations for the establishment of a LAUC-D members’ Web page on the library’s Web site would be implemented next year. M. Meister also noted that a LAUC-D member can request to have a professional development space on the library’s server; the request must be made to the department head.

    Board members agreed that there is a need to request the creation of folders for the LAUC-D Executive Board and for LAUC-D in the NT directories. Access to the LAUC-D folder would be restricted to

    LAUC-D members. Subfolders for LAUC-D committees could be set up in the LAUC-D folder; access to each committee’s folder would be restricted to the members of that particular committee. C. LaRussa will request that these folders be created.

    On behalf of the Professional Activities Committee, M. Meister noted the problem experienced by some librarians who must wait until the end of the fiscal year in order to receive further reimbursement for meetings they attended at the beginning of the fiscal year. There appeared to be no easy solution to this problem. There was a brief discussion of issues related to PAC vs. administrative reimbursement of professional activities.

  7. Transition

A transition meeting will be scheduled for August.

5. New Business

C. LaRussa announced a July 15 deadline for submission of annual reports. The reports will be available for the transition meeting to be held in August. M. Meister said it would be important to have incoming chairs present at the meeting if any appointments to committees are to be made at the meeting. The Nominations and Elections Committee could send out another call for volunteers for appointments to committees.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary