LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes, May 18, 2000

Present: C. LaRussa, C. Kopper (recorder), K. Firestein, R. Castro, B. Haughton, M. Meister, N. Kushigian, S. Lamprecht, J. Thompson

Guest: S. Baker (Parliamentarian)

Absent: S. Vella

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  1. Approval of minutes of April 11 meeting
  2. The following motion was introduced:

    M. Meister moved, and C. Kopper seconded, that:

    Item 6, Actions of P. Inouye (K. Firestein) be omitted from the agenda.

    There was a discussion of issues related to item 6. The concern was raised that recent actions of the LAUC President with regard to the AFT-University negotiations had created a perception of impropriety. It was agreed to discuss some aspects related to this matter under New Business. There was a vote on the motion.

    The vote was taken on the motion:

    8 approved

    1 against


  3. Officer Reports
  4. C. LaRussa said that there was a LAUC proposal to recognize retiring Librarian Vs on a statewide level. C. LaRussa is forwarding reports from LAUC representatives and committee chairs for the LAUC Spring Assembly to LAUC-D members. The Spring Assembly will be held on June 1 in Santa Barbara.

    K. Firestein stated that the Nominations and Elections committee has finalized a slate for the election. He will send out the slate to the Executive Board. C. Kopper noted that obtaining a current mailing label list of LAUC-D members in order to send out mail ballots for elections has become problematic now that most communication is via e-mail. S. Vella had suggested that the mailing list for labels be updated annually and that copies be sent to the LAUC-D Chair, the LAUC-D Secretary and the chair of LAUC-D’s Nominations and Elections Committee. It was agreed that it would be the LAUC-D Secretary’s responsibility to work with the Library Personnel office to maintain an updated list.

  5. Committee Chair Reports
  6. J. Thompson, Chair of the Program Committee, reported that there will be a program on May 25 featuring Rebecca Wendt speaking about Yolo County’s archives. There will be another luncheon in June. Also, she announced an EndNote and Procite workshop on May 30; this program is not sponsored by LAUC-D.

    M. Meister stated that the Professional Activities Committee needs to meet to review forms for end-of-year funding. She sent an e-mail message about deadlines for submitting requests to the membership. She hopes to summarize how much of the expense for professional activity and travel is being absorbed by LAUC-D members. There is a sense that other campuses do things differently and do not keep administrative and discretionary funds separate.

    R. Castro, Chair of the Academic Personnel Action Review Board, reported that the board had completed the reviews. The board is meeting today to review a temporary appointment. There may be a few other temporary appointments to review in the next couple of months.

    N. Kushigian, Chair of the Research Committee, stated that the committee has two UCD Proposals to consider today. The committee is expecting to receive one or two new proposals by year’s end. Funding for grants is still available; any money left at the end of the year rolls over to the next year. More information about research grants is now on LAUC-D’s Web site. A list of publications resulting from grants will be posted.

    S. Lamprecht, Chair of the Professional Issues Committee, reported that the committee’s report recommending the establishment of a LAUC-D members’ Web page on the Library’s Web site had been forwarded to C. LaRussa.

  7. LAUC-D General Meeting Agenda
  8. The NT conversion will be on the agenda. There may be more discussion about the distinguished step in the Librarian series.

  9. NT Changeover
  10. C. LaRussa noted that she had received one reaction from a LAUC-D member who is not a member of the Executive Board to the e-mail message about the conversion to NT that she had sent to the membership. There may be programs about the conversion after everyone has been converted to NT.

  11. New Business

There was more discussion of the issues related to a possible perception of impropriety involving the LAUC President and the AFT-University negotiations. It was felt that there is a need to clarify the roles of LAUC’s officers with regard to such negotiations. Not all librarians are in agreement as to what is perceived as improper. An educational program about the issues could be helpful to the membership.

The following motion was introduced:

N. Kushigian moved, and K. Firestein seconded, that:

Whereas the LAUC-D Executive Board believes that travel to and speaking to negotiations at the AFT-UC negotiating sites on the part of the LAUC President has created a perception amongst some of impropriety, therefore be it resolved that the LAUC-D Executive Board shall organize a program for LAUC-D members to clarify the roles and rules of engagement between LAUC officers and Union negotiators.

The vote was taken on the motion:

8 approved

1 against


The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary