March 8, 2000

Present: Carol LaRussa (chair), Ken Firestein, Jerry Thompson, Sandy Lamprecht, Buzz Haughton (recorder)

Sandy gave a report on the workings of the Professional Issues Committee and presented the committee’s written report recommending the establishment of a LAUC-D members’ Web page on the Library’s Web site. PIC recommends adding "LAUC-D Secretary or designee" after the word "convener" in the ACCOUNT APPROVAL paragraph of the UCD General Library Web Environment document dated February 14, 2000. PIC also recommends creating a librarians’ directory on the Library’s Web site.

Carol will submit to Gail Yokote the PIC report that LAUC-D is in favor of creation of LAUC-D Web pages. Sandy will make sure the absent members of the Executive Board get copies of the PIC document.

Jerry talked about the Program Committee’s activities. Today (3/8/00) there will be a meeting at the University Club at noon regarding the restructuring of the Librarian salary series. Patsy Inouye will conduct the discussion. On March 15 or 17 Ken Firestein will preside over a discussion of the UC-union contract negotiations. On April 18 there will be a visit to HSL. In late April there will be a CDL presentation at UCD, with NLM representatives present. During the last week in May Rebecca Wendt will give LAUC-D members a tour of the Yolo County Archives. The Program Committee will tandem with the library Diversity Committee in cosponsoring a talk by Dave Lundquist about the internment of Japanese and Japanese-Americans in California during World War II; the date has not yet been set.

Carol gave a summary of what happened at the Statewide LAUC Executive Board on March 3. Ann Jensen is now the NLRF representative. UCR has postponed its Books And Bytes conference to March of 2001. Linda Barnhart has been appointed the SLRF representative. The Archives Committee is investigating digital archives. The Melvyl RFP was discussed. Professor Vermeij of UCD is concerned about Melvyl’s usability by blind patrons. UCB wants to start charging university departments for Web connections. Faculty have expressed a desire for a nine-campus virtual shelflist and a uniform loan period.

Carol said that the Executive Board is working toward a policy of excluding attachments on e-mail messages and providing URLs for readers of messages to go to. Linda Kennedy gave a report on SOPAG at the Executive Board meeting.

The Resource Sharing Committee has recommended monetary compensation for direct borrowing.

Phyllis Mirsky (NRLF) expressed the need for more staff for faxing and care of archival materials. The possibility of a joint NRLF/SLRF board was raised. Studies are underway to explore the possibility of desktop delivery of needed materials using the Web. Searchlight apparently is getting a lot of use.

SLASIAC reported on a K-through-12 initiative by UC, but there is as yet no funding for it.

The Statewide Executive Board talked about LAUC’s peer review authority. Myron Okada is opposed to any official LAUC pronouncement on this subject. There may be provision to allow those librarians who have readied themselves for consideration for the Distinguished step to go ahead, even if the new salary structure is adopted. Minor bylaws changes were approved for presentation to the members on the next ballot. The Cultural Diversity Committee has requested a name change to the Diversity Committee.