LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes, December 9, 1999

Present: C. LaRussa, S. Vella, R. Castro, S. Lamprecht, B. Haughton, N. Kushigian, M. Meister, C. Kopper

Absent: J. Thompson, K. Firestein

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 a.m.

  1. Approval of the Minutes
  2. The minutes of the November 11, 1999 Executive Board meeting were approved as read.

  3. Committee Chair and Officer Reports
  4. C. LaRussa announced that she had received five offers from LAUC-D members volunteering to serve on the NRLF Board. She will forward these to P. Inouye.

    J. Thompson had sent an e-mail progress report of the activities of the Program Committee. The luncheon on December 3 was a success. Future programs or program topics include another luncheon on January 25 or 26, O. Popa's research update in February, an update/tour of HSL in April and Yolo county archives in May. Other possible topics for programs are Database Advisor, the MELVYL request for proposal (RFP) and SearchLight.

    M. Meister reported that the Professional Activities Committee is receiving PAC forms for the ALA Midwinter Meeting. Concerning issues related to PAC funding in general, it was noted that it is up to individuals to ask their department heads or AULs if they think some professional activities should be supported by administrative funds. Education and training are high priorities.

    N. Kushigian said that the Research Committee expects to receive two or three applications for local research grants from LAUC-D members within the next few weeks. A call for the second round of requests for systemwide research proposals has been received. Three systemwide proposals were received in response to the first call. N. Kushigian plans to present budgetary information about research grants at the next general LAUC-D membership meeting.

    R. Castro indicated that the meeting of the Review Board with G. Bynon and S. Vella had been rescheduled for the week of December 13-17.

    S. Lamprecht noted that the Professional Issues Committee's suggestions for mechanisms for ascertaining the digital training needs of librarians had been forwarded to CDL's Educational Working Group. The suggestions are good and should be implemented as soon as possible. J. Sweeney is looking for information on this subject for the Administrative Unit Review.

  5. Report on LAUC Assembly at UCSC
  6. C. LaRussa sent an e-mail message summarizing activities at the Assembly to LAUC-D members. The board expressed the desire for more information about the librarian salary restructuring, especially about transition and implementation plans. C. LaRussa will ask P. Inouye to issue a progress report. Overall, the restructuring is a good idea. The Assembly passed a resolution recommending that LAUC divisions send a letter of thanks to their academic vice chancellors for their cooperation in the restructuring effort, no matter what happens later to the restructuring proposal. Another issue discussed at the Assembly concerned the interpretation of criteria for advancement past the barrier step. There was the question as to whether there should be a renewed focus on criterion one. This should be discussed by LAUC-D at a general membership meeting.

  7. New Business
  8. It was noted that LAUC should be more active in offering advice to the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group and in commenting on issues related to the California Digital Library, such as the MELVYL RFP. EISAC is discussing the RFP. C. LaRussa will contact J. Stratford about setting up a brown bag session or a portion of a LAUC-D general meeting to discuss the RFP. Information needs to be routed to LAUC-D members.

  9. Date for Next LAUC-D General Meeting

The next LAUC-D General Meeting will be scheduled for the second week of January.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary