LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes, November 11, 1999

Present: K. Firestein, C. LaRussa, J. Thompson, S. Lamprecht, R. Castro, C. Kopper, M. Meister

Absent: N. Kushigian, S. Vella, B. Haughton

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  1. Approval of the Minutes
  2. The minutes of the October 14, 1999 Executive Board meeting were approved with corrections.

  3. Announcements
  4. C. LaRussa announced that the restructuring of the Librarian series is progressing. The printed LAUC/University Librarians' proposal is being routed in departments.

  5. Committee Chairs' Reports
  6. S. Lamprecht reported that the Professional Issues Committee (PIC) had met via e-mail to respond to S. Vella's request for suggestions of mechanisms for ascertaining the digital training needs of librarians for consideration by the CDL Educational Working Group. PIC's recommendations are: 1) establish a focus group of UCD's reference and instructional librarians to identify their needs; 2) obtain input from EISAC and RIO; 3) gather input from systemwide bibliographers' groups; 4) develop a questionnaire to send to each librarian and a message for the Ref-Forum listserv; and 5) hold workshops about relevant issues. PIC noted that the biggest challenge is dealing with the fluidity of the constantly changing electronic library. It is difficult to keep up with changes and also handle other parts of one's job.

    J. Thompson said the Program Committee is planning a luncheon for LAUC-D members for December 1, 2 or 3 at the Silo Pub. The committee will send out invitations.

    R. Castro noted that the Review Board had approved two temporary appointments. Linda Peabody was appointed to a one-year 25%-time temporary position in Government Information and Maps. Mary Taylor was appointed to a full-time temporary position in PSE. The Review Board is scheduled to meet with G. Bynon and S. Vella on December 6.

    M. Meister reported that the Professional Activities Committee had sent out an e-mail message about the increase in PAC funding and procedures to LAUC-D members. The committee has communicated via e-mail. D. Ojakangas has a well-organized system.


  7. LAUC Systemwide appointments
  8. R. Gustafson has been appointed to the Scholarly Communication Web Page Editorial Committee.

    C. LaRussa will contact individuals to serve on the Committee on Professional Governance.

  9. LAUC Assembly at UCSC
  10. There are no items presented on the Assembly's agenda requiring a big discussion by LAUC-D. There were no issues identified to bring to the Assembly's attention.

  11. Items for LAUC-D General Meeting
  12. C. LaRussa announced the L. Kennedy would present a report on the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group.

  13. Other
  14. K. Firestein suggested that LAUC-D members be allowed to have personal pages and space on the Web server in the staff directory; the staff directory is not on the official library Web pages open to the public. An individual librarian could use the space to test HTML documents. The board charged PIC to investigate this issue and to make recommendations.

  15. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

The minutes were submitted by Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary.