LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes, October 14, 1999

Present: K. Firestein, B. Haughton, C. La Russa, C. Kopper, S. Vella, S. Lamprecht, M. Meister, J. Thompson, N. Kushigian, R. Castro

Absent: none.

  1. Approval of the Minutes
  2. Minutes of the September 2, 1999 LAUC-D Transitional Executive Board meeting were approved. B. Haughton said he would forward a copy of his letter to M. Sharrow that summarized LAUC-D's activities last year to the Executive Board. C. Kopper will obtain copies of 1998-99 annual reports from last year's committee chairs and will distribute the reports and minutes of meetings to the membership via e-mail.

  3. Announcements
  4. C. La Russa announced that she had met with M. Sharrow. The allotment for professional activities/travel has been raised from $300 to $500 per librarian for this year. The board welcomed this development. It was noted that on some other campuses research funds are combined with the allotment for professional activities/travel. The board agreed that a discussion of funds and funding would be a good topic for a general

    LAUC-D membership meeting.

  5. Committee Chairs' Reports
  6. J. Thompson reported that the Fall Reception is scheduled for October 19, 5:30-7:30 p.m., at G. Nichols' house. It was suggested that the Chair of the UCD Academic Senate's Library Committee be invited to the reception.

    N. Kushigian reported that the Research Committee had met, approved one application for a statewide grant and forwarded the application to the statewide committee.

    R. Castro said the Review Board has a couple of temporary appointments to review.

  7. Report on Systemwide LAUC Board Meeting
  8. C. La Russa attended the LAUC Board meeting in Oakland on October 7. At the meeting reports were presented for the Systemwide Operations and Planning Group (SOPAG) and the Systemwide Library Advisory and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC). Issues addressed by these groups include the licensing of electronic resources, archives, director borrowing, space planning and the NRLF. The idea of purchasing one integrated library system or OPAC for all campuses in order to negotiate better prices was introduced. The addition of steps in the librarian series is being considered by the academic vice chancellors. The LAUC-D Executive Board briefly discussed whether or not LAUC-D should discuss union-related issues, such as salary and working conditions. The LAUC Committee on Committees, Rules and Jurisdictions is working on changes to the Bylaws that should be ready for the spring election. It was recommended that the results of work funded by research grants be better publicized among LAUC members.

  9. Meeting Schedules: Board and Membership
  10. The Executive Board will meet on second Tuesdays of the month at 9 a.m. The next general membership meeting will be held in the first half of November. Possible topics for discussion at the meeting: guidelines for the LAUC Web page, systemwide and LAUC Assembly issues.

  11. Committee Charges
  12. . It agreed to charge the Professional Activities Committee with comparing statistics for the current fiscal year with statistics for last year in order to monitor the impact of the increase in this year's allotment. In addition, the committee should compare the allotments from LAUC that librarians on other campuses receive. These statistics may help justify the continuation of the increase in the allotment for LAUC-D in the future.

    Another suggestion stemming from the stress management workshop was to have more informal gatherings where librarians could talk, such as breakfasts or lunches. The Board agreed to charge the Professional Activities Committee with organizing such gatherings.

    S. Vella asked the Professional Issues Committee to suggest mechanisms for obtaining feedback from librarians about their training needs for consideration by the CDL Educational Working Group.

  13. Appointments to Committee on Professional Governance and Scholarly Communication Web Page Editorial Committee (LAUC systemwide committees)
  14. C. La Russa will issue a call for volunteers.

  15. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

The minutes were submitted by Carolyn Kopper, LAUC-D Secretary.