LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes of September 2, 1999 Transitional Executive Board Meeting

Present: B. Haughton, C. LaRussa, K. Firestein, J. Ward, P. Wang, K. Lin, S. Lamprecht, C. Kopper (recorder)

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

2. Approval of the Minutes

Minutes of the August 17, 1999 meeting of the Executive Board were approved with changes.

3. Draft Letter to Chancellor Vanderhoef about Concerns Related to the Campusí Climate on Diversity

B. Haughton presented a draft letter to Chancellor Vanderhoef regarding the concerns related to the campusí climate on diversity. This draft letter was based on a letter from M.H. Moreno to the Chancellor. K. Firestein recommended that the letter contain suggestions from LAUC-D for actions the campus could take beyond a simple campus dialog. Possible suggestions discussed included a mandatory three-unit class for freshmen and a class similar to the campus life class at CSU Chico. B. Haughton and C. LaRussa will revise the letter for review by the Executive Board. It was suggested that a copy of the final letter be sent to The California Aggie.

4. Activities of the LAUC-D Chair

B. Haughton reported about activities he had initiated in the past year. He noted that he had emailed a message about the main issues discussed at LAUC Executive Board meetings to the LAUC-D membership. It was agreed that this practice was of benefit to the membership and should be continued in the coming year. B. Haughton presented a letter to M. Sharrow that he wrote summarizing LAUC-Dís activities in the past year. The board agreed that this practice should be continued in the future.

5. Appointments to Committees

B. Haughton noted that he is waiting to hear back from individuals he had contacted. He will contact others as needed. A roster of committees will be e-mailed to board members.

  1. Schedule for Meetings

Meetings of the Executive Board will be tentatively scheduled for 9 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month. General membership meetings will be scheduled quarterly with the first meeting to be held sometime between October 7 and November 18.

7. Adjournment the meeting was adjourned at 10 a.m.