Minutes of the LAUC-D General Membership Meeting 18 November, 1998

36 LAUC-D members present.

The minutes of the 21 May meeting were approved as posted.

The University Librarianís report:

The budget from the state was $1.46M (including the Law Library). This incorporated a $.5M base increase for materials.

California Digital LibraryóAccess to the Web of Science will begin 1 January; which includes Beilstein CrossFire and Gmelin databases.

The first meeting of SLSIAC, the Systemwide Library and Scholarly and Information Advisory Committee of the CDL took place recently, and the Committee seem to approve of and to support what the CDL are doing.

The search for the new "Associate Provost for Information and Education Technology" will begin soon.

Gail Yokote will begin work here 4 January. There will be a plenary reception for her on about the 20th of January.

Report on the LAUC Statewide Executive Board meeting 23rd of October.

Two issues of note:

Disposition of the Diversity Report on Sexual Orientation from an ad hoc committee set up by the Board in the early 1990s. The Chair suggested the report be tabled. The report contains 25 recommendations, all of them very campus-specific, and none of them seemed to be anything LAUC Statewide could do anything about.

LAUC-Rís proposal to create an institute bring teaching faculty and librarians together to talk about the changing universe of scholarly publication.

Program Committee report. Gail Nichols presented a long list of the programs planned by the Committee..

Gail N. also reported that the "Patron Initiated Requests" on Melvyl may be available early in January for the beginning of the Phase I implementation. The "Request Option" in the telnet version of Melvyl will appear very soon. A discussion of this immanent feature followed Gailís announcement.

Linda Kennedy reported on SOPAG, the Systemwide Operations Planning and Advisory Group for the CDL. SOPAG minutes may be available one day on the Web.

Professional Governance Committee report. Linda K. reported the proposed text of the resolutions for the LAUC Fall Assembly. A draft of the report with recommendations for adding more steps to the librarian series and for increasing salaries is available. A progress report will be given at the LAUC Fall Assembly.

Professional Activities Committee report. K. Lin distributed a copy of a draft Professional Activities form, and asked for discussion of the purpose and procedures of the PAC, specially as regards year-end distribution of left-over money.

George Bynon claimed jurisdiction over the same form for Library Administration. He recommended a working group (Debby O., Iris B. and a PAC representative) come up with a single form, to be vetted through the LAUC-D Executive Board.

Discussion of the Review Board Annual Report.

Patsy I. gave an outline of the Boardís motivations in making their requests.

Regarding Criteria for Acceleration, George B. explained that every change to C-9 was discussed in the LAUC-D general membership meetings, forwarded to the Vice-Provostís office, and are in Sandy Vellaís possession. After some discussion in which Reve Rocke was roundly commended for the excellent work she did on the new index to C-9, the consensus of the group emerged thus:

Future changes made to C-9 should be annotated with references to meetings and their minutes that explain when the corresponding discussion happened. Reve suggested that the index be changed as the document changes. George responded that he and Sandy V. would provide wording for annotations to the current document.

A history of the Equity Study was reviewed. As it applies to librarians, there was a request for a study to illuminate an observed inequity in the ability of librarians of various categories to do professional development. Discussion centered on the possibility that it could be the varying workloads that result in the failure of some to progress normally through the steps of advancement. What, for instance, are the deterrents within the work environment that limit a person from accomplishing professional development as recommended by reviewing bodies?

Reve R. suggested a mentoring program. Buzz H. noted that every point in the discussion was within the purview of the Professional Issues Committee. Those present agreed to refer the two issues, that of the Criteria for Acceleration, and of the Equity Study, to that committee for deliberation.

The meeting adjourned.