LAUC-D Executive Board Minutes November 12, 1998

Present: B. Haughton, R. Davis, K. Lin, C. Kopper, C. LaRussa, G. Nichols, J. Ward, P. Wang, M. Winter.

1. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved with corrections.

2. Jim Martin has accepted appointment as Davis representative to the LAUC Statewide Committee on Scholarly Publications.

3. Committee Chairs Reports

Professional Activities Committee has met twice with Iris B. and Debby O., and they ask for timely submission of receipts for reimbursement for professional activities. The Committee themselves want to be more active. There was discussion of a new version of the Professional Activities Form (PAF).

The Gail Nichols reported for the Program Committee on the successful Fall Reception. Gail Yokote was there, as were Ruth Gustafson and Erin Murphy. Gail N. also gave an outline of the plans for monthly programs for the rest of the year.

Michael W. reported for the Professional Issues Committee. He had distributed an email memo regarding the four of the five issues raised by the review board in their Annual Report. For one of the points, the matter of the Equity Study, Rebecca D. asks for some elucidation of just what is being put forward. Discussion continued to formulate the Review Board’s concerns for presentation to the General Membership meeting.

The Review Board Chair mentioned a concern raised at the orientation for Review Initiators/Reviewees on October 12. A person at the orientation noted that there is no formal mechanism for requesting redacted copies of confidential letters solicited for interim review(s) during the current review period.

Research Committee. Phyllis W. reports there is one proposal statewide, and the Committee are trying to encourage more. There are three local proposals, two of them still pending. Local funding follows no set schedule, and accept ongoing submissions.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by John D. Ward,